How To Clean Rust Stains from a Bathtub

Rust stains in the bathtub are ugly and will affect the way it is enjoyed for all those that use it. You need to remove these stains immediately if you do not want to suffer worse consequences. Rust stains can be very difficult to remove especially on porcelain surfaces because you need to also worry about the state of your bathtubs.  Use these tips to help you remove rust stains on bathtubs.

  1. You need pumice stone, salt and lemon. Usually, pumice stone will be enough to remove rust stains off of your bathtubs but sometimes it is not exactly enough to remove the stain completely. And that is where the salt and lemon comes in. These two things can remove the stubborn stains that you can’t rub out using pumice stone.
  2. The best way to use the pumice stone is to first wet the surface affected with rust stains and then use the pumice stone to rub them off. Pumice stone is a very good cleaning tool that cleans dirt without actually destroying the material. It is a gentle abrasive material that it is also used on humans when you are in beauty salons and spas.
  3. Though pumice stone is a gentle abrasive material, it can still damage things when used with too much pressure. While wiping your bathtub to remove the rust stains, it is important that you be careful about damaging the bathtub. Make sure you also clean the pumice stone that you are using so that rust will not accumulate on it.
  4. If there are still stains on your bathtub after rubbing it with pumice stone, you will need more preparations. You first need to make sure that the bathtub will not be used before you finish the procedure. Tell the people who are sharing the bathtub with you what you intend to do so that they will know not to use it.
  5. Wipe the part affected by rust stains and make sure that it really is dry. Dong the next procedure on a wet surface will greatly decrease its effectivity. You need to make sure that the area is dry before proceeding.
  6. Cover the affected parts with generous amounts of salt. All the parts you want to clean must be covered. The salt will be the will act as the absorbent of both the lemon juice and the rust stains that will be coming off of it.
  7. Squeeze the lemon juice on the salt and leave it at least for a day. Give the lemon juice time to really work its magic. The salt will help keeping the lemon juice in place and essentially helps the procedure.
  8. You just rinse the salt and lemon mixture down the drain.

Cleaning rust stains can be done without using commercial cleaners that are toxic and dangerous to your health as well. It may also not be as effective. But if you really do want to use commercial cleaners follow the instructions included in them to keep safe.  


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