How To Clean Sandstone Tile

Sandstone tiles are excellent materials to use because of their natural beauty. They also help prevent accidents and injuries because of their porous surface. Sandstone has many advantages but it also has special needs that you need to take care of in order to maintain and keep your sandstone tiles clean and beautiful. Here are some ways to clean sandstone tiles.

  1. If you have just installed your sandstone tiles, you will need to cover them immediately with a sealing chemical for protection. Without this chemical it will be very easy to destroy the stone tiles. The sealing chemical acts like a protective covering for sandstone tiles that will both protect them and make it easier to take care of
  2. With the sealing chemical already on the tiles, it will simply be a matter of daily maintenance to keep them clean. Use a dry dust mop to remove dust and other particles on the tiles every day. Sandstone tiles are pretty much weak when they get wet since there is a chance that the tiles will absorb moist or wet substances. When this happens, it will be almost impossible to repair the affected tile.
  3. If you find that there is a spill on your tiles, you should make it a habit to always clean it immediately. If the spill has already become part of the tile and it seems practically impossible to remove, use a sponge and a little bit of hot water to clean off the spillages.
  4. If you really want to clean stains on sandstone surfaces, you can try to use a method called poulticing. Poulticing uses absorbent material and letting it absorb a cleaning agent, depending on the kind of stain, and applying it to the affected surface and let it sit for a while. You might not be able to see the results until you have repeated the procedure several times. For organic stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide as the stain cleaner and you can use acetone for oily stains that you want to get out.
  5. If you need to brush or rub the surface of your sandstone tiles be sure to use materials that would not scratch the surface. As much as possible, use soft abrasive products.
  6. When the sandstones are already damaged, you have the option of sanding down the affected areas. If you opt to choose to use this option you will find that more often than not, the sanded down areas have a different color than the others. Make sure to think about using sanding to clean a sandstone tile because the effects of this are usually permanent.

The best way to keep your sandstone tiles clean and beautiful is by being vigilant and careful. This means that you need to make sure to prevent anything bad that might happen to the tiles. If something does happen, you need to make sure that you act immediately to clean or fix the damage.


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