How To Clean Shower Wall Tiles

All of us enjoy using the showers but some things that turn us off are dirty shower wall tiles. Having dirty shower wall tiles can be disgusting, especially if the amount of dirt has already gotten out of hand. If you want to continue to shower in a clean environment, then some sacrifices must be made in order to make this happen. Here are some tips you can use to clean shower wall tiles and keep them clean.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to clear out the shower. Remove all the things that you will not be using for cleaning. This step is to make sure that there will be no obstacles in the shower area that will keep you from cleaning your shower walls.
  2. Clean the shower area before scrubbing it. Remove the dirt that you can without scrubbing the walls. You can use a broom or a duster to remove big particles and then pour water on the walls to rinse off any particles attached to the walls. Often times, the dirt that you have rinsed off will accumulate in the drain but it will not be drained. Sweep or pick off the dirt and throw them away.
  3. You can use a toilet bowl cleaner to clean your shower walls. Use a clear, gel-type cleaner since it will be easier to let it sit on the areas you want to clean. You can wait at least 15 minutes for the cleaner to sink it to make it more effective. This is especially important since you are working on a vertical surface so you need materials that will be able to stick.
  4. Once you have given time for the cleaner to penetrate through the dirt, you need to brush or scrub the shower walls in order to make sure that the dirt is gone. If you can, use hot water to do this because hot water can loosen the dirt that has accumulated in your shower.
  5. Some stains are more difficult to remove than others such as rust and really stubborn stains. For rust, there are commercial cleaners that are designed specifically to remove each of them. You can also try mixing a homemade batch of shower cleaners. The recipe for this mixture is:  ½ cup of baking soda,  1/3 cup of ammonia, ¼ cup of vinegar added in 6 cups of water. Use a sprayer to apply this mixture to affected areas and again, let it penetrate for at least 15 minutes before wiping it away.
  6. Be sure to rinse the walls thoroughly because if you leave spots not rinsed, there is a chance that it will turn into another stain that you will have to eventually face.

Cleaning showers can be easy especially if you know what to do. Also, normal and regular cleaning and maintenance can do wonders for your shower in preventing the accumulation and development of very stubborn stains. 


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