How To Clean Swanstone Sinks

Many homemakers, decorators, and contractors prefer Swanstone sinks and that’s just not a lot of hot air. It’s because Swanstone means quality and value for money. It does not mean it’s cheap but more precisely because with proper care and use, Swanstone sinks last a long time. This is one reliable brand that won’t throw your hard-earned dough down the drain.

If you already have a Swanstone sink (or several of these) installed at home, here’s how you can clean it properly without going through the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Prepare or gather these cleaning aids:
    • Liquid dishwashing soap
    • Basin
    • Bleach
    • Water
    • All-purpose kitchen cleaner (example, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra or Lysol)
    • Rust removing cleaner like Lime Away
    • Clean rags (no grease, no stain, no leftover dirt)
    • Non-abrasive and soft scrubbing pad
    • Paper towels
  • Prepare the sink for cleaning. This means taking out visible “unspeakables’ trapped in the drain. This prevents clogging the drain further. If you can’t stand to do this, pour down boiling hot water to unclog the drain.
  • Get soapy water frothing and warm enough for cleaning. You can use a basin to mix up some water and all-purpose kitchen cleaner like Lysol. Take a clean rag and dip into the water then apply the same all over the sink. Once the wipe-down-and-all-over has been completed, leave it there to loosen trapped dirt and clinging grease from the sink. After 5 minutes, go back and rinse this off using water from the faucet.
  • Put the drain cap on the sink and fill the sink halfway with water. Add a cup of bleach to the water and leave it there so that the bleach can thoroughly do its job. After 15 minutes, remove the pull the drain cap off and allow the water to recede completely. Take a couple of clean rags and wipe down the sink. Rinse afterwards.
  • Remove stubborn rust stains. If you have had the Swanstone sink for some years now, it is inevitable that rust will build up over time no matter how obsessively you have cleaned your sink. No matter, a good and liberal amount of rust cleaning products following label instructions will do a great job of getting rid of the rust clinging to your sink. You simply have to leave the rust cleaning product in your sink then come back to wipe your sink down with a slightly damp rag and finish up with a water bath.
  • Let it air dry. You should see a sparkling sink after all your efforts and after a little help from nature.

To make sure that you can sensibly and easily maintain the condition of your Swanstone sink, make the effort to clean up after using the sink especially when it involves a lot of messy work from cooking and from washing a lot of dishes and pots. Dirt and grease build up fast so it will take an efficient person to manage the build up and get it down to minimum if not non-existence level. Magic hands?!


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