How To Clean Terrazzo Stains

Terrazzo externally appears to be protected and stainless because of its soft marble content. But terrazzo flooring is not any different from other floors that permit stains. Without the help of any protective sealer, terrazzo remains defenseless from all spills which can be hard to take off once left for some time. If your terrazzo flooring doesn’t have sealers such as Impregnator Pro, there is always an alternative for its maintenance once you're faced with spills. Here are some tips.

  • Never use all-purpose cleaners that have dangerous alkali contents. You can check the back of your selected cleaning product and see whether it contains crystal salts or inorganic chemical acids.
  • To remove drinks with alcohol contents, a simple water-and-detergent soap solution will do. Get a dipper and a worn-out cloth. Wet the cloth with water and apply detergent soap onto it until bubbles form; then start wiping spills. Get another dipper of clean water and rinse the soaped area.
  • If terrazzo is etched with the harmful chemical elements in alcoholic beverages, urine, vomit, fruit juice and coffee, wash them out without delay so as not to leave any scratches or scrapes on the terrazzo. If, however, the stains are intense, polishing is necessary.
  • To get rid of heavy blood stains and dried mounted coffee spills, add a little amount of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide on cold water. Pour a minute amount of the solution onto the dripped area and wipe it out using an old cloth or a rag. For stubborn stains, shower the area with warm water, and then add malt onto the water. Leave it for about an hour or two to get maximum effect, and then rinse with cold water.
  • Although terrazzo appears to promise a stain-free surface because of its marble content, still another component of it is cement which makes terrazzo vulnerable to slight spills. If left unprotected, daily drips can permeate the flooring without doubt. Of course, liquids soon evaporate but blots are left behind especially with oil stains. Remove oil stains with an expert oil stain remover. If the oil stain is not that concentrated, lukewarm water and degreasing dishwashing liquid is enough to get rid of it. Mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid onto the water and pour a little of the mixture on to the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse afterwards with cold water.
  • To remove ink on your terrazzo, combine tap water, dishwashing liquid (preferably lemon), and 3 teaspoons sodium perborate. Mix the solution all together to produce a paste. Spread the solution onto the affected spot and wipe it out immediately using an old cloth. Redo the same procedure if necessary.
  • When applying mixtures that contain chemicals, consider the tips below to avoid unsightly marks and scratches on your terrazzo.
    • Don’t allow any solution to dry on the affected area. Thoroughly rinse off any solution after every use. This will also eradicate slippery residues, preventing accidents.
    • Never use bathroom, alkaline and miracle cleaners. These contain harmful contents which will greatly damage your terrazzo floor.
    • Abrasives are no-no’s.

Parties and gatherings with your family and friends can never be avoided. So expect all kinds of spills and stains on your precious terrazzo flooring. All you can do is try your best in cleaning it up regularly and observing proper maintenance. After all, it’s not difficult or costly at all. The best of luck!


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