How To Clean the Insides of a Double Pane Window

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Constant exposure to the elements will eventually affect the condition of your Integrated Glass Units or thermal double pane windows. When the sun's rays hit your double pane windows or IGUs, the rise in temperature between the panes of glass activate the air molecules inside and increases the pressure in the chamber, the glass, and the seals. When the temperature drops, the air molecules contract, humid air gets in as fog and creates water deposits inside the panes. If you find it too expensive to have your double pane window replaced, you might want to learn how to clean the insides of a double pane window.

  1. Check for early signs of moisture. Have windows repaired as early as when you see the first signs of moisture inside. If you check too late, you might find that your cleaning and venting bill might be more expensive than the cost of replacing the glass unit or replacing the whole window.
  2. Check the warranties of your manufacturer. Some manufacturers will replace the double pane or thermal windows purchased from them. One manufacturer that does this is Anderson’s. If this company is your manufacturer, then you are in luck.
  3. Do it yourself! It is cheaper to replace the panes instead of the whole window. Get new window panes that are the size of the ones you are using. Remove the panes from one side of your double pane windows. Clean the remaining side and be careful not to scratch the inner surfaces, which are usually coated to be energy efficient. Wipe with a soft clean cloth and make sure there is no streaking.
  4. Let the window breathe. If the window frame and the holding mechanisms are in good shape, you will only need to drill very small holes that will act as valves to let the windows “breathe.” Drill the holes in the corners of your window panes so that they will not be seen and can easily be covered by blinds or curtains. Put a desiccant in the window spacer bar. The desiccant absorbs the moisture that gets trapped in the space between. Get your new window panes and reseal with a strong sealant. The downside of this process is that if your double pane window is fitted with argon, a natural non-toxic gas that helps your windows be more energy efficient, the gas escapes. Eventually, you will have to repeat this process when the desiccant is already saturated with moisture. Also, dust can get in the window because of the holes.
  5. Get help from professionals. If you cannot do it yourself, it most certainly is much safer to rely on professional services to do the job for you. There are plenty of companies online who can fix failed IGUs, defog them or clean the insiders of your double pane window. On your search engine, type in keywords like “how to fix thermal glass panes/insulated glass units/double pane windows” and you will find plenty of companies. One of the companies that will probably come up in your search is Crystal Clear Windows at According to its website, the company secured a worldwide patent to its process for moisture removal on failed insulating glass units or double pane windows. Also another website to check is the Window Medics website at The good thing about this company is that they offer a transferable lifetime warranty for their repairs.

Now that you have learned how to clean the insides of a double pane window, it is up to you whether you want to do it yourself or get professional help.


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