How To Clean the Kitchen Hood Screen

The kitchen hood is necessary in keeping your kitchen from smelling like smoke and cooked food at all times. The kitchen hood is connected to a vent that will suck the smoke produced from cooking. Smoke and the condensed water and oil vapor will all eventually contribute to the grime and dirt that will accumulate in the kitchen hood screen. If the screen is blocked, the vent will not be able to function properly and air in your kitchen will not be filtered effectively. Here’s how you can clean the screen.

  1. Check. Start by regularly inspecting the screen. There are several factors that you will need to consider, such as how often you use the kitchen, the types of food that you cook, and how you cook these. if you use the kitchen a lot, if you fry plenty of foods, and if you do not cover the frying pan when ever cooking, the screen will get  dirty quicker and will be more prone to dirt. This means that you will have to clean the kitchen hood screen anywhere from one a week to twice a month.
  2. Remove. To start the cleaning, you will need to remove the screen from the kitchen vent hood. The screen is usually held in place by a push and lock mechanism. This means that you will need to push the sides of the screen until the mechanism dislodges the screen. Some screens are screwed into place, which means that you will need to remove the screws to get to the kitchen hood screen.
  3. Soak. Create a solution that is made from half a cup of detergent and half a cup of water. You will need to make more of the solution if the screen is particularly large. Soak the screen in the solution for at least twenty minutes. If you have a particularly dirty screen, you should increase the soak time up to an hour or so. Because the screen is more sensitive and cannot be scrubbed to hard, you need to allow the detergent to work on the dirt and grime and soften the parts that have already hardened.
  4. Rinse. Afterwards, rinse the soap from the screen by running plenty of water through the screen and using a sponge to gently remove the dirt that is lodged in between the screen. Hot water should be used as much as possible, since it will help soften the dirt quickly.
  5. Oven cleaners. For particularly dirty screens, you should use oven cleaners that are specifically designed for greasy kitchen equipment. The cleaner should be sprayed onto the screen, after which you will need to let the solution sit for several minutes, depending on the instructions in the packaging. Afterwards, take a brush and use it to remove the stubborn dirt in the screen. Rinse afterwards and dry, before reinstalling into the hood.

Remember to clean the hood screen regularly so that you will lessen the cleaning time and the amount of dirt that you have to remove in each cleaning.


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