How To Clean Tiled Floors

Tiled floors have grown in popularity because of the many tile designs to choose from. Tiles are also relatively low maintenance, unlike wooden floors that require regular cleaning and waxing. Every now and then, however, you will also need to clean your tiled floors. Here’s how.

  • Vacuum. Start off by taking a vacuum and running it all over the tiled floors. Make sure that you use the brush attachment, so that you can initially scrub away at the dry chunks of dirt that may have gotten stuck on the crevices in between the tiles.
  • Mop. Next, mop the floor with a solution of vinegar and water combined in equal proportions. Vinegar is a cheap and natural cleaning solution. Not only is vinegar inexpensive, but it is also very gentle on the tile floor. Vinegar will not remove the colors and dyes that are used on your tile floors. If you are working with very stubborn stains, you may allow the vinegar to set on the tile floor for half an hour. Afterwards, return to mopping the floor.
  • Rotary floor machine. An easy way to clean the tiled floors is by using the rotary floor machine. The rotary floor machine has a large disc on the bottom that is covered bristles. It will remove even the most stubborn dirt on your floor. Usually, the rotary floor machine should only be used after you have mopped the floor, however. There are also some attachments that you can add to the rotary floor machine so that you can use it for buffing the floor, after you have applied the wax.
  • Spot treatment. Sometimes, however, the tiled floors will have very stubborn spots that a rotary floor machine or a mop cannot reach. When dealing with these types of stains, you should use a mixture of one fourth muriatic acid and three quarters water, applied with an old and used toothbrush. The toothbrush will allow you to reach into the corners of the floor. You can also use solvents such as kerosene to remove stubborn dirt. For example, if there is gum stuck to the floor, you can apply some kerosene to soften it up. Afterwards, simply use a piece of cloth to remove the softened gum.
  • Sealer. Once the tiled floor has been thoroughly cleaned, the next step is to apply some sealer. Tile sealers can usually be purchased from most hardware shops. These are designed to create a layer of protective film that will keep the tiles from being scratched too much. Make sure that you apply an even layer of sealer using the mop. Usually, the sealer needs to be applied in two or three layers. However, allow each layer to dry fully before applying the next layer. After the final layer of sealer has dried up, you can apply some wax.
  • Buffing. To finish the cleaning process, use the rotary floor machine to buff the entire length of the tile floors. The buffing process will make the tiled floors shine.

Cleaning the tiled floor in your house does not need to be difficult. With these steps, you should be able to have shiny tiles in no time.


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