How To Clean Up Vomit on a Mattress

Cleaning up vomit on a mattress is never fun. It can be nauseating with its repulsive smell and disgusting appearance. And yet, someone has got to do the job. If you do not clean the mattress at once when it gets soiled with vomit, the bed will absorb the smell and stain. What you do not want to happen is for the vomit to cling to the mattress. Hence cleaning it up immediately is necessary. Here are some tips for you to follow in cleaning up vomit on a mattress:

  • Use these materials in cleaning up vomit on a bed: baking soda, liquid detergent, cotton cloth or cleaning cloth, rubber gloves, scraper, apron, plastic bag and dust pan.
  • Prepare all the materials. Purchase those that are not available in your home. Wash and dry the dust pan if it has been used in previous cleaning tasks.
  • Put on the apron and tie it securely at your back. Wear the gloves and face mask for protection, especially when the vomit comes from a sick person. Wear goggles or eyeglasses too if the person who vomited is ill with a highly contagious and deadly disease like swine flu, meningococcemia, tuberculosis and so on.
  • Hold the scraper with one hand and the clean dust pan with the other. Scrape the vomit to the dust pan. Make sure you scrape every particle very well to really get rid of the dirt.
  • Place the vomit in the plastic bag and seal it. Throw the trash in the garbage bin.
  • Remove the sheets by pulling them from the sides and gathering them towards the middle. Bring them to the washer and wash in warm water and mild liquid detergent. Air them dry outside if the weather is fine. Otherwise, dry them in the dryer by setting the air to warmer temperature.
  • Inspect the soiled area in the mattress. Spread a cupful of baking soda (or more, depending on how big the vomited spot is) over it. Leave it there for about thirty minutes so the baking soda will be able to absorb the smell of the vomit. Next, put two tablespoonfuls of liquid detergent in the cleaning rag and use it in wiping off the baking soda from the mattress. Repeat as necessary.
  • Pour liquid detergent directly over the bed if the mattress has absorbed the vomit. Let the detergent stay there for about two hours before wiping it off. If the smell is so bad that no amount of cleaning will remove the odor, pour a considerable amount of alcohol on the soiled spot and let dry for a few days before sleeping on the bed.
  • Bring out the mattress to air dry. Airing is one of the most effective means of disinfecting and drying mattresses. It also helps in killing molds and mildew that may have grown inside.
  • Spray perfume on the bed, concentrating on the soiled area. When the bed is already dry and clean (sans the smell of vomit, of course) – cover it again with sheets and comforters so it will be ready for use the next time.

Getting vomit on a mattress inevitable at times especially when you have a sick person in the house. Babies also vomit when overfed. To save you from the dirty job of cleaning up vomit all the time, prevent it from happening by being on alert all the time when you know someone in the family might do so. Hence, when taking care of a sick person, always have a pan nearby so he can use it when he vomits. As with babies, cover the mattress with rubber sheets for protection.


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