How To Clean Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are types of window coverings that have slats. The slats can be made out of thin metal sheets or even wood. These slats are connected with a string. The slats of the Venetian blinds can accumulate dirt over time. It is important that these be kept clean. Cleaning the blinds is really easy. If you have these types of blinds at home or in your office, follow the simple steps below to know how you can clean your blinds properly.

Gather materials you will need. Before starting, gather all the materials that you need so that you have them within reach while you are working on the blinds. You will need a bathtub, vinegar, a towel for cleaning, water, and a rag. There are two ways on how you can clean the Venetian blinds.

Follow these steps for general cleaning of the Venetian blinds:

  1. Remove the blinds from your window. First, make sure that the slats of the blinds are fully open before you remove it from your window. If not, you can damage the slats. You can open the slats by turning the handle on the side of the blinds. Afterwards, disconnect the entire setup from your window.
  2. Preparation. Fill your bathtub with water until it reaches about halfway. Get a gallon of vinegar and pour it inside the bathtub. Mix the solution with your hands. The vinegar in the water will help get rid of all the dirt and grime stuck on your Venetian blinds.
  3. Cleaning the blinds. Now, carefully position your blinds in the bathtub. Be careful with the slats. Let them set in the water and vinegar solution until the grime is gone. You can swish the water around to help loosen the dirt on the surface of the slats. When the water turns murky and the blinds are clean, drain the water from your bathtub. Make sure that you clean your bathtub thoroughly.
  4. Dry the blinds. Let the blinds dry. You can wipe them carefully with the towel and let them fully dry under the sun. Afterwards, you can re-install the blinds on your windows.

These are the steps for everyday cleaning:

  1. Preparation. To avoid having to submerge your Venetian blinds in vinegar and water, you can maintain its cleanliness by wiping it everyday. Prepare the Venetian blinds first by making sure that they are fully open. You might damage the blinds if you try to clean it while it is closed.
  2. Cleaning the blinds. Go over each slat of the blinds with a soft cloth and make sure to wipe of the dust on the surface. To make this easier for you, you can make use of a Venetian blinds cleaner. You can purchase one from the website Clean the Venetian blinds at least thrice a week to maintain its cleanliness.

These are the simple steps on how you can clean Venetian blinds.


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