How To Clean Vertical Blinds without Taking Them Down

Next to curtains, blinds are very practical and functional window accessories. They help keep your privacy anytime you want it. It is very easy to just roll up or away the blinds if you want to see the view outside. Meanwhile if you want to be out of the view of passers by, all you need to do is roll them or close them down.

But blinds need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. It is easier to just bring down the curtains and throw them in the washer, but with blinds, it is more difficult. Blinds come in vertical and horizontal types. If your blinds are the vertical kind, here are tips for you to follow when cleaning them without taking them down:

  • You will need these tools and materials: all purpose cleaner, warm water, sponge, clean water, brush (with soft bristles) and vacuum cleaner (with attached brush).
  • Move away furniture and other items near the window. You need to move freely while cleaning the blinds. Also, you do not want to knock down vases, jars and other breakable items situated beside the window while you clean the blinds.
  • Cover the couch, table or any fixture standing close to the window. You may use an old blanket or cloth to protect them from getting smeared.
  • Attach the brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner. Plug the vacuum to an outlet near the window, or if there is none – use an extension cord. Get ready now to vacuum clean the blinds.
  • Vacuum the blinds. Do it with a downward stroke of the brush attachment on each blade. Work on one side first (the one facing you) then on the inner side. Take care that you do not pull or tug the blades as they might be misaligned. The brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner should do the trick of sucking the dust from the vertical blinds.
  • Use a wet sponge to wipe off clinging dirt and grime. Mix two spoonfuls of all purpose cleaner with warm water for the cleaning solution. Wet the sponge by dipping one side, submerging about half an inch of the sponge. Squeeze off excess water. Wipe each slat individually using the wet, soapy sponge. Avoid scrubbing too hard so as not to scratch or deform the blades.
  • Clean tough dirt with a towel soaked in all purpose cleaner solution. Mix the cleaner with warm water and soak the towel in it. Wring the towel before wiping the blinds as you do not want water to be dripping while you clean. Concentrate on areas that are badly soiled by repeating the process twice or thrice until such time that the dirt is totally removed. You may place the cleaning solution in a spray bottle too, and spray it on the blinds then wipe off with a towel.
  • Wipe the blinds with a clean and dry cotton cloth after cleaning them with cleaning solution. Reverse the blinds to inspect for any remaining dirt or dust.

Cleaning vertical blinds may leave trails of dirt on the floor. If you cover the floor prior to cleaning, you have no problem wiping off the dirt since all you have to do is take out and throw the paper away. In cleaning a room, make sure you vacuum the blinds first before vacuuming the floor for a more systematic cleaning method.


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