How To Clean Vintage Clothes

If you have a collection of vintage clothes that are dirty, you might want to think twice about cleaning them like you would your everyday clothes. You have to take special care of vintage clothing, especially if there are embellishments or if the material of the clothing is soft or light. Washing your vintage clothes the right way will preserve it and make it last longer. Read on below for some tips on how you can clean your vintage clothes.

Here are some of the tips that you can use if you want to clean vintage clothes:

  • Read instructions on the label. Before starting to clean your vintage clothes, inspect the care label if it is still intact. By doing this, you will know how to properly clean your vintage clothes without damaging them. In most cases, you will need to hand wash the vintage clothes so that you will not damage the material. If there is no label, you can hand wash or dry clean the vintage clothes.
  • Antique silk or light material. For light materials, you should not wash the clothes at all if you do not want to risk damage. What you can do to preserve the clothing is to store it in your closet. Be sure to use a plastic cover over the clothing to protect it from dust or other particles that can make the clothing dirty.
  • Cotton, knitting and linen. For these types of materials, you can clean it by hand washing. Make sure to use only mild detergent as strong detergent may eat through the material, especially if it is old. After washing the clothing, lay it down on a flat surface to dry and steam afterwards.
  • Durable silk, thicker cotton and linen. For thicker materials, you can opt to wash it by hand. You can also use a washing machine but be sure to use gentle or mild machine wash for the setting. Hang them out to dry. Do not wring it. Let the water drip from the clothing. Afterwards, you can press it.
  • Washable fabrics and synthetics. Washable fabrics and synthetic vintage clothing can be machine washed. You can also use the spinner on the machine to dry the clothes. Afterwards, iron the clothes.
  • Dry clean clothes. If the material for the vintage clothing that you have is for dry cleaning, bring your clothes to the cleaners and give instructions on how to handle the clothing. You can also tell them that they are working on a vintage piece so that they will be more careful in handling your clothes.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you are going to clean your vintage clothes. After cleaning your clothes, remember to store them in a place where it is not humid as this can damage the materials. It will also be helpful if you wrap the clothes in plastic so to avoid getting them dusty. In washing vintage clothes, it is also advisable to clean them one at a time and not in a bunch.


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