How To Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is mostly used in kitchens and in areas where water or any other liquid can get on the floor. Vinyl flooring is easy to replace but you can make the life of your vinyl flooring by cleaning it so that it can last longer. Vinyl flooring may need more than just sweeping and dusting for it to be cleaned. You may find that after sweeping, your flooring still looks dirty. There are some techniques you can do so that you can keep your vinyl flooring clean.

Here are some tips on how to clean your vinyl flooring:

  1. Sweep the floor. Sweep the floor covering using a broom and dustpan. This is the first thing you have to do to eliminate the dust particles on the floor. Make sure that you sweep under tables, chairs and other hard to reach areas.
  2. Lifting Dirt. If your vinyl flooring has dirt stuck on it, you can remove the dirt with bleach. Get a basin and fill it with hot water. Add a small amount of cleanser that has bleach. Use a cloth or a floor brush with hard bristles to scrub the stains and dirt with the bleaching solution. If you find that almost the entire floor area is very dirty, you can use a stripping solution or ammonia to restore the vinyl flooring.
  3. Cleaning the entire floor area. You can use the bleaching solution to clean the entire floor area. You can use a mop instead of the brush to clean the entire floor. Be careful not to put bleach on your furniture as this may damage them. Take note that cleaning the area with bleach often may make the stickers at the back of the tile less effective. When its sticker is not effective anymore, you can replace it with another tile.
  4. Wax. You can put wax on the vinyl floor to make it shinier and appear cleaner. You can put two coats of wax but you have to let the wax dry in between coatings.
  5. Maintenance. To avoid having to do a general cleaning of the vinyl flooring very often, you have to make sure that you clean the floor everyday. You can sweep the floor daily and bleach the floor weekly so that cleanliness will be maintained. By doing this, you wouldn’t have to replace your vinyl floors as fast.
  6. Tips. If you have vinyl flooring, it is important that you purchase extra single floor tiles so that you can replace a tile that has damage on it. You can also choose to have darker colors for vinyl flooring so that the dirt will not be seen as much.

These are some of the tips that you can use when cleaning your vinyl tiles. It is important to always clean your tiles so that you won’t have to spend so much on replacing them. Cleaning them everyday also lessens the work on your part as the dirt and dust will not accumulate.


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