How To Clean Wood Floors after Removing Carpets

Having hardwood floors at home gives it a special class of its own. They are not only durable but add an appearance of luxury in any room. Many homeowners think of hardwood floors immediately when imagining how their dream house should look like. However, there is a certain misgiving about these particular types of floors because of the misconception that they are difficult to maintain, especially if carpets are intended to cover particular areas of the floor or cover them completely. Just imagining how to clean under those carpets can be a bit scary. If you have the proper know-how, it can really be quite simple. Here’s how:

  • Carefully remove your carpet from the floor. Remove all the staples and tack strips from the floor. If you find carpet tape stuck on your floor, remove them by using a blunt edged instrument very gently. A plastic spatula would be ideal so you minimize the risk of scratching or damaging the wood. Remove as much tape or glue as you can. Should there be some pieces adhered that would be difficult to remove in this manner, saturate the areas with vegetable oil. Leave it for about an hour. Proceed to remove the tape. It should be able to come off easily by then. Repeat the procedure until you have completely removed any residue from the floor. Chemical adhesive removers are another option for removing adhesive from floors. Make sure and read the instructions carefully to make sure you are using the remover correctly.
  • Proceed by using your vacuum cleaner, running through the whole area to effectively remove dust particles, loose dirt, and fibers left behind by your carpet. Your vacuum cleaner will also be able to remove any loosened carpet tapes and adhesives on the floor.
  • Prepare a pail of water mixed with vinegar. Use a mop to wipe your floor. Make sure that your mom is not soaking with liquid. It must just be damp enough so liquid does not seep into the floor. Should you encounter any stains, scrub the area with your mop continuously until the stain has been completely removed. A nylon rubbing pad can also be an efficient tool in removing stubborn stains. Mineral spirits are good for cleaning wood floors too. Boil a couple of tea bags. Dip a clean rag into your tea and use it to wipe your floor. Use a dry rag to absorb any excess liquid and keep the floor bare until it is completely dry before replacing your carpet.
  • Make sure that your carpet and rug is vacuumed as well. They have a tendency to accumulate dust that can adhere to your floor over again when they are replaced without vacuuming them up first.

Make it a regular habit to clean up your wood floors to keep them looking as fresh and as luxurious as they should be. Carpeting is a good way of protecting them from damage but always remember that they need your special care to maintain the distinct appearance that come exclusively from wood floors.


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