How To Clean Wood Laminate Floors

Wood laminate floors are becoming popular today, because many homeowners find out that they are durable, attractive, economical and can be installed easily. In spite of this, unlike tile and vinyl, wood laminate floors need a special cleaning process. Most of the laminate wood floor planks include layers of paper where the imprinted wood design is placed. Even though the paper is shielded with a state of the art coating, it still needs special protection to make sure it upholds its durability and beauty over the years. Wood laminate floor manufacturers do not even recommend regular floor cleaners on wood laminate floors. The following are the steps on how to clean a wood laminate floor.

  1. First of all, sweep the wood laminate floor with a bristle broom. Sweep gently to prevent scratching small rocks and stones across the exterior of the floor. Although wood laminate floors are durable, they are sensitive to scratches from small pebbles and sharp objects. Take away all debris and other small materials that can cause scratches to the floor before proceeding to the second step.
  2. Next, dust the floor. Take away all the dust by using a dusting cloth. You can also make an economical non-disposable dusting mop by putting a used cloth or any non-disposable cloth at the end of a long stick. Just be careful not to scratch the floor when mopping. Change the cloth of your dusting mop. This new cloth on your dusting mop will be used for the final step.
  3. Spray the wood laminate floor with a specialized wood laminate floor cleaner that is widely available in leading supermarkets and DIY stores. You can also find some of these in hardware stores within your vicinity. Be sure to use only this type of cleaner, because other cleaners may damage the floor. Soaps will leave a deposit or mist on the floor. Spray a fine mist evenly across the wooden floor.
  4. Mop the floor using your dusting mop. Mop the moisture of the sprayed cleaner over the entire floor. Mop with pressure but do not exert too much, because it may scratch the flooring. Until the whole surface of the floor is shiny, continue gentle mopping.
  5. To maintain luster and durability, it is advisable to have a regular general wood laminate floor cleaning at least once a month. Just follow the steps above for the regular general cleaning. For daily cleaning, sweeping with a soft bristled broom can do the job. If there is no soft bristled broom available, a cloth can also remove the dust and pebbles. And that’s it.

Actually, it is very simple to take care of your wood laminate floor. But you must also consider the sensitivity of the floor to scratches and blemishes. Therefore, the key for a wonderful and shiny wood laminate floor is gentle cleaning. With proper mild cleaning, your wood laminate floor will remain durable and attractive for a long time.


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