How To Clean Work Uniforms

A uniform is a standardized set of clothing designed to either distinguish your profession or your company. No matter what your profession - a doctor, a mechanic or a defense employee - wearing clean and tidy uniforms every day should be a top priority. This not only shows how self-disciplined you are, but also reflects your positive attitude towards work. With busy work schedules and every day chaos, some of us fail to notice the dirt, stains and invisible germs that damage our uniforms. How does one ensure uniforms are clean and hygienic all the time?

Some professions have laundry facilities in the workplace such as hotels, airlines, and so on; most have locker facilities where you can store a clean, spare work uniform for any emergencies such as getting stains on your clothes while eating or working. Many companies in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia offer laundry allowances for work uniforms - these are either part of workers' salaries or can be claimed separately with vouchers. However, if you have to clean your work uniforms yourself, the simple steps mentioned below can help make this a painless and easy task.

  • Use a stiff-bristle brush to remove surface dirt or dust.
  • Use stain removers to get rid of any stains and patches.
  • Soak the uniform in water for at least thirty minutes before washing to help loosen dust particles embedded in the fabric.
  • Warm or hot water (depending on the material) helps remove bacteria or other foreign particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • Use mild or diluted detergent to keep the fabric from damaging.
  • Heat helps destroy harmful microorganisms that get accumulated onto your work uniform; tumble dry the uniform for 30 minutes to remove any remaining irritants.
  • Once the uniform has dried, you should iron the work uniform.  Set the temperature based on the fabric used.

Other helpful tip:

  • A quarter or half cup of vinegar will help you get rid of bad odor.
  • Separate whites from colors.
  • Tie white uniforms in lingerie or mesh bags to separate them from your colored clothes.

Following these simple methods to clean your work uniforms at home will ensure you have clean and crisp work uniforms ready for work.


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