How To Clean Your Toilet with Coke

You may not realize that you have an excellent, non-toxic cleaning agent in your refrigerator right  now - yup, that's right, we're talking about bubbly, refreshing Coca-Cola (Coke). And you probably did not know that you can use that can of Coke to get rid of the icky lime scale and disgusting stains that have built up in your toilet bowl either. 

This is so easy and simple, a child could do it, and really, if your toilet is truly gross, you might want to consider letting your 4-year-old try it out for you. They will probably think it's great fun - after all, how often are they actually allowed to put things in the toilet? 

  1. Pour a can or bottle of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl, making sure to get as close to the top of the rim as you can so that the liquid falls over the stains.
  2. Allow the soda to sit in the toilet for at least an hour - the longer the better, as this will allow the phosphoric, citric, and carbonic acids in the Coke to break down the stains even further. For super cleaning power, allow it to sit overnight or all day while you are at work or school.
  3. Use a toilet brush to loosen and remove any really stubborn stains.
  4. Flush the toilet - and the stains are gone!

Now, before you think of going for the generic cola or a different brand, be aware that it is primarily the phosphoric acid in real Coca-Cola that does most of the cleaning. You simply won't get good results with other colas. However, applying this same principle, you can use soda water instead of Coke with pretty comparable results. 

Also, remember that Coke has quite a bit of high fructose corn syrup in it, and bacteria already thrive in moist, dark places (like toilet bowls) without giving them plenty of sugar to munch on. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your toilet with warm water or a regular cleanser after you have used Coca-Cola to remove the stains. If you used soda water, this isn't really a problem. 

So, next time you have stains in your toilet bowl that just will not come clean with regular cleansers, don't go running for harsh industrial cleaners. You are not doomed to living with a toilet that resembles those found in dirty public restrooms. Just grab a Coke, a brush, and flush those stains away. 


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