How To Cleanse the House with Sage

Smudging is a spiritual cleansing ceremony using sage to purify your home from negative energies.  Think of how you clean your kitchen cupboards, sinks and floors to keep a nice, clean and healthy place for food preparation. The ceremony of sage smudging creates a cleansed, spiritually positive atmosphere by purifying the home from any negative energies.

There are many times when a spiritual cleansing by smudging is useful.  When moving into a new home, if battling depression or to release negative energies after an argument are common examples of why smudging may be used.

The sage for smudging comes wrapped in a long bundle about the length of incense sticks but about the width of a thumb.  Be sure to have a ceramic bowl or large candle holder to catch any ashes from the lit sage bundle.

Typically one prepares oneself by casting out any negative thoughts.  Take several deep breaths as you prepare to begin the ceremony.  Some people like to play meditation music in the background or just release one's self from the frantic modern pace and enter into a contemplative state.  After one has relaxed and is in a positive mental frame of mind, prepare to light the bundle of sage.

When you light the end of the sage stick it will begin to smolder.  Hold it aloft as you state your prayers, chants or requests for positive energy to cast out of any negativity.  It is most common to start at the front door and walk through the entire house while speaking your intentions aloud.

As you hold the sage bundle aloft, gently wave the smudge stick or gently blow the smoke to distribute a hint of its fragrance throughout the room.  Open your closet and blow some of the smoke in and do the same for your bathrooms.  Remember, safety is your primary concern -- take care as you walk through the home with the smudge stick.  Be careful not to get the burning smudge stick too close to curtains or clothes in your closets.

Go through your entire house practicing your ceremony in every room until you return to where you began at the front door.  Bring the ceremony to a close by repeating your intentions.  Thank the universe for the cleansing.  Give thanks also for blessings upon your home, all who reside there and any welcome visitors.  You now have cleansed the house from negativity and have blessed and instilled positive energy in your home.

After performing the smudging ceremony, some people also like to cast a pinch of salt around the perimeter of the house and yard for protection.  There is no need to speak, simply mentally repeat your smudging ceremony intentions silently in your mind.  (Besides, there's no need to frighten your neighbors who might not be familiar with such a ceremony.)

A smudging ceremony can be a powerful practice for a tranquil environment.  It does not matter what your beliefs are or if this is simply a smudging ceremony for peace of mind.  The effects of action done with intention can have a powerful effect on one's psyche.  Creating a powerful, positive effect is a wonderful stress-reliever in this day and age of constant change.  Whatever you choose to do, be safe and may you find peace with the smudging ceremony of your choice.


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