How To Clear a Clogged Plumbing Vent

Plumbing fixtures tend to get clogged with continued use. You know when your sinks are clogged when the water pools in the sink and drains slowly. The clog may be caused by some foreign objects that are stuck in the pipe and this prevents the water from going down the drain quickly. This can also be the case for a plumbing vent. Some rocks, pebbles, twigs or feathers can be stuck there. You do not have to call a plumber in order to remove these materials from your plumbing vent. You can do it by yourself and save some money.

Here are the steps on how you can clear a clogged plumbing vent by yourself:

  1. Things that you will need. The things that you will need are a sturdy ladder, a bright flashlight and a garden hose. When you go up to your roof, wear proper footwear that is not slippery to avoid accidents from happening. Avoid stepping on parts of the roof that are wet.
  2. Preparation. Secure your ladder in place. If your roof is very high, you may need to use a ladder extension. You may need the assistance of someone to make sure that the ladder is sturdy enough to support your weight. Locate the pipe to the vent and shine your flashlight through the pipe so that you can see what is clogging up the plumbing vent.
  3. Remove with your hands. Remove the cover of the vent. Reach into the pipe carefully and see if you can remove some of the debris stuck inside. You may need to use hand gloves if you are going to reach into the vent, as you do not know what types of items you will see there. If there are still some left inside the pipe, you can use the water hose to remove them.
  4. Use the hose. Get your garden hose and put it inside the pipe. Turn the water high so that the force of water from the hose can push the clog down the pipe. Doing this should get rid of all the remaining debris that you could not remove from the pipe with your hands. Test the pipes to see if it is still clogged by getting some water into the pipe. If the water flows smoothly into the pipe, you have gotten rid of the clog.

These are the simple steps on how you can clear a clogged plumbing vent. Having a clear plumbing vent is important, as this is the part of your house that gets rid of the harmful gasses inside the sewer and to allow oxygen through the system. If the vent is not clear, there is a tendency that you get dangerous gas substances inside your home. Avoid having a clogged vent by installing it correctly.

To prevent having clogs in your plumbing vent again, you can put a thick screen on top of the vent on your roof. You can get this from the hardware store. Choose one that has little holes so that debris will not fit through and fall into the vent.


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