How To Combine Gangable Boxes

If you are adding more devices to your home's electrical system and the space provided by one gangable box is not enough then you can combine these boxes to get the space you need. Gangable boxes are designed with removable side panels so you can connect two or more boxes.

  1.  Determine how many gangable boxes you need. First determine how many boxes you will need to combine. Depending on how many devices you need to attach, you can combine two to four boxes or more. Go to the hardware store and purchase the amount of boxes you need, then get your tools ready to prepare the boxes.
  2. Prepare the gangable boxes to be combined. Unscrew the set screws from all the boxes you will use in the combination. But only unscrew one side of the first two boxes, then unscrew both sides of the succeeding boxes depending on how many you plan to use. Check what types of screws are used on the box and use the right type of screwdriver to unscrew them. Make sure you keep the screws in a safe place to avoid losing them because you will use them again later to combine the boxes. Removing the screws will make it easier for you to pull out the side plate. You need to open one or two sides depending on the number of boxes you will combine. With the screw removed, pull out the side plate. You may need to twist it a little to free it from the box. You can throw away the plates you pulled out since you will not be using them again.
  3. Combine the boxes. With the side plates removed you will have an open side on each box. Align both gangable boxes with the open sides facing each other and use all the screws you took off the boxes to secure them in place. Make sure all the screws are tightly screwed in place on all the boxes.
  4. Install the gangable boxes. Now that you have combined all the gangable boxes it will be ready to be installed in the wall. Measure the combined box then take the measurements to the location on the wall. Draw the exact measurement of the box and cut out the space to accommodate the gangable box. Slide in the box in the space you cut out and secure it to the wall, using screws or nails on the provided wings. Pull out the wires from the wall through the holes in the back side of the boxes.


Combining gangable boxes together is easily done with the detachable side panels. Holes are already provided to slip in wires through the box.


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