How To Compare Child Safety Gate Prices and Reviews

Safety gates for babies are a must to help protect babies and toddlers from falling, slipping and many other possible accidents. Child gates such as fireplace gates, pet gates and retractable gates serve as barriers to block off babies from entering unwanted areas, especially if there are stairs and other elevations.

There are various types of child gates to fit doors and many other areas that need to be blocked such as stairs, pool and driveway. However, in choosing and buying a child safety gate, there is a need to compare child safety gate prices and product reviews. This way, you can choose the best from among the rest not only when it comes to prices and cost but to quality as well. Among the child safety gate products are the following.

  • Kidshield. This brand is known for its transparent railing barrier protection. It is made up of a 15 foot roll and 15mm thick shatterproof clear plastic that can be easily fitted and installed on railing to prevent children from sliding or falling. Their child gates come complete with the needed tools and hardware. They can be used on any stairwells and railings, may these be in hallways or elevated sections of the house. Their prices range from $39 to $50.
  • KiddyGuard. Versatile and easy to carry, as mentioned in various reviews, these retractable gates can be removed and kept when not in use. So you can have them around if your baby is playing or keep it off if he needs to rest and sleep. Kiddyguard child gates are also good as pet gates and for open walkways in between rooms. They can stretch from 6" to 51" wide. They are made up of tough, laminated polyester mesh, which can be quickly mounted as door gates and stair gates. Their prices range from $109 to $130.
  • Guardian Angel Window Guards. This type is basically meant as window safety gates. Window guards allow opening of windows for air to come in but at the same time, protect babies from any untoward accident. The latch can be opened or locked on either side of the window. It fits on all types of windows, especially on awning and double hung window types. Their prices range is from $45 to $54.
  • Kidco Hearth Gate. With prices ranging from $185 to $215, this product is a fireplace gate, so it can give protection from the various dangers of fireplaces, hearths and other burning areas. It is flexible and can be mounted as a straight line in a wall or in any room as commonly mentioned in reviews. It is also a good choice for areas with big irregular openings of up to 24 feet. For larger areas, extension panels are also available.
  • Secure Solutions Swing Gate. Price range for this child safety gate is from $39 to $50. It is a one hand release swing for elevated areas such as on top of the stairs. It comes with a set of hardware along with detailed step by step instructions on how to install. Its removable swing stop mechanism can control the gate's swinging movement, especially when already mounted on the stairs. Its measurements range from 32" tall and can be adjusted to reach 27" to 42" wide.

Aside from the price and quality, the location, application and size of the opening must also be considered. To compare child safety gate prices and product reviews, a well researched selection is a must.


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