How To Connect Two Twin Mattresses

Sometimes, you suddenly feel that the beds you currently own are not big enough anymore. Your first instinct is to go to the mall to buy a new king size mattress and bed. When you get home, you realize that you now have too many mattresses! If the time comes that you want a bigger bed, think twice before actually buying one. You can make use of your twin mattresses to make a bigger bed.

Connecting two twin mattresses to create a king size mattress is very easy to do. It is also cheaper than buying a bigger mattress if you already own twin size mattresses. It is also the practical solution if you cannot fit a king size bed up your stairs and into your bedroom.

Following are simple steps to convert two twin mattresses into a king size mattress:

1.    Prepare your materials. Aside from the two twin mattresses that you want to join together, you will need something to fill in the gap between the two. You would not want someone falling between the gaps. 

Some stores actually sell a contraption called bed bridges that will join the two beds. Bed bridges, sometimes called bed connectors, cover the uncomfortable crack between two twin mattresses joined together.

You may also opt to purchase a foam mattress pad. It serves as a thin mattress that is put on top of your bed for additional cushion. Or, you can make use of available materials at home. Egg crate foams should do the trick. You will also need some plastic clothesline or fine rope. You will also need king-sized beddings.

2.    Place the twin mattresses side by side. Align the sides that are adjacent to each other. Ensure that the two twin mattresses are aligned so they will appear as one mattress when you cover it. Once they are aligned, push them together.

Run the length of your clothesline or rope around the two twin mattresses. If you purchased a bed bridge, position it properly between the two beds. Tie the two twin mattresses together. Do this by using the clothesline or rope that you prepared. Secure the ends. To ensure that the mattresses are not bumpy after being tied together, roll over the mattresses to check for bumps. Adjust accordingly. If you did not purchase the bed bridge, and you chose to use the egg crate foams, cover the bed with the crates. If you chose to buy foam padding, spread it over the mattresses.

3.    Cover mattress with beddings. Cover the mattress with the king sized beddings. 

4.    Bigger mattress. You now have your new king size mattress, just waiting for you to slumber between its sheets.

These are the simple steps to connect two twin mattresses to make a king size bed. An additional tip to take note of:  Keep your existing twin bed sheets. Keep them on hand. Remember that you still have two twin mattresses. You may want to use them again when you think that the king size bed becomes too big for you.


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