How To Conquer Clutter in Your Home

It is hard to let of go things: magazines, books, clothes, trinkets, toys and everything else. Then, one day you realize that you can barely close the door of your closet. Or, you can’t even walk around your room anymore because your shelves are full and your books are stacked on the floor already. You also get to the point when you can’t find anything anymore. Clutter. That is what you have. Over the years, we always buy things, receive things, however, it is very rare that we give or throw away anything. It is time to think about organizing. Give or throw away things that you do not need or use anymore. This sounds like a horror story for you, but there are some tips to help you get rid of clutter:

Set a schedule. For your first de-cluttering encounter, set a date. Then, Free up a few hours a day, preferably a weekend, to continue your de-cluttering sessions. Starting the de-cluttering process is the most difficult part to do. Forget procrastination. Once you have set a day, do it. Keep in mind also that the de-cluttering may take more that one day. Try to set particular days of your week for de-cluttering.

Clear one area at a time. You may start small. It is quite impossible to conquer all areas of your house at the same time. A good place to start may be your room. In your room, start with your closet. Go over the clothes that you have. It is almost certain some of the clothes you have were worn only once or twice. Weed out the clothes that are out of style. After your room, you may then proceed to another part of the house. Clearing one area at a time helps you not to be overwhelmed you with the idea of clearing up too much.

Ask for help. You can make the de-cluttering activity a family event. You can set a day for this so it can be more fun. Also, with more people working, more area will be covered. 

Organize piles. While going through your things, make it easier by organizing them in piles. Piles can be: throw, donate, sell, keep, etc. After you have organized your things in piles, it would be easier to act on each. 

Set up a garage sale. Once you have organized your piles, now is the time to act on them. For those things that may be of value, you can organize a garage sale. You earn something from your clutter and at the same time, you are able to get rid of them.

Donate to charity. Your old but usable clothes will mean a lot to others. Your donate pile can be given to shelters or certain organizations.

Buy storage. Storage items are available everywhere. Shelves and boxes should be useful for keeping your keep pile.

Maintain. De-cluttering does not end on the day you finish cleaning up. Once you have cleared your house of all the mess, make it a point to clean up and organize regularly. Maintaining a clutter free house is easy enough once you get used to it.

These are a few simple tips to conquer clutter. Do not feel frustrated if you see so many things scattered in your home. You do not need to de-clutter everything in one day. All you need to do for now is to start.


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