How To Conserve Water by Old-Fashioned Ways

Protecting the environment is a major concern nowadays. The earth’s resources are abundant, but they will not last forever. Today, conserving energy and water is not just an advocacy of environmentalists. The way people use up the earth’s resources is alarming, and if this continues resources will run out. Advances in technology have worsened the way people use up resources. Water in particular, has been taken for granted and it is used up faster than it can be replaced. Conserving water is not difficult. Knowing how to use water wisely is enough. Going back to the days before the birth of automated household equipment can help you come up with ideas on how to conserve water. Here are a few tips on how to conserve water the old-fashioned way:

Hand wash your laundry

  • If you only need to wash a few articles of clothing, you may opt to just wash your clothes manually. It is inefficient and wasteful if you do not run your washing machine with a full load because even if you need to wash only a few articles of clothing, it uses the same amount of power and almost the same amount of water.
  • Washing clothes the old fashioned way saves water because you can manually control the amount of water to be used. 
  • Things you will need to wash clothes manually:  Bucket or basin, detergent, scrub board.

Take advantage of rain

  • In the olden days, cisterns were used widely to collect rainwater. Traditionally, water collected in cisterns was pumped into the house using old-style pumps.
  • Following this traditional method is a way to conserve water. You can do this by collecting rainwater. 
  • Collecting rainwater is easy. You may do this by catching water that falls from your roof. Most houses have roof gutters installed. You efficiently collect rainwater from your roof by positioning large buckets or rain barrels under pipe of the roof gutters.
  • Rainwater you collect may be used in various ways. The most common use of rainwater is for watering your garden. You may connect your water hose or your sprinkler to you rain buckets, instead of your faucet. Rainwater may also be used to clean your car. 
  • Things you will need to take advantage of rain: Cistern, water barrel or any large water container.

Make use of bodies of water

  • If you live near a river or a stream, you may take advantage of such bodies of water.
  • People in olden times preferred living near rivers or streams. They used water from these bodies of water for their day-to-day activities such as bathing, cooking, drinking and cleaning.
  • Today, drinking from a stream or river is out of the question. However, you may still make use of water from these bodies of water for other purposes such as watering your garden or cleaning your car.
  • Things you will need: Bucket or pail

These are simple tips on how to conserve water the old-fashioned way. You may actually do more, by limiting the use of your electronic devises at home such as your dishwasher. Help save the environment, do your share by conserving water.


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