How To Construct Flood Barriers

Remember the movie Waterworld? Well, Heaven forbid, but the film serves as warning to us that the effects of global warming can be frightening. The recollection of this box office hit is not intended to frighten you though. What is being pointed out here is that – flooding can occur anywhere now because of the change in water levels all over the globe. Noticeably, areas that were not prone to flooding years ago are now periodically flooded after continuous heavy rains.

So, you better be ready for any incident. Build flood barriers in your area to prevent water from invading your place. Here are tips on how to construct flood barriers:

  • Get ready with these materials: sandbags, thick plastic sheets, nails, tape measure, water proof sealer, plywood and thick wooden blocks. If you have other available materials that can obstruct water from flowing (such as steel or aluminum sheets) – you make use of them as well.
  • Go to a hardware store in your area and buy the needed materials. You may store them in your storage room and bring them out for use to build the flood barriers as the need arises, or you may work on the flood barrier project immediately after purchase. You can just keep away the ready to use barriers on one side of your garage or yard and take them out when it is the right time to use them. The rationale behind purchasing the items ahead of time is that at the occasion when flood is looming, people tend to rush to the stores to buy these materials. Hence, a dearth in supply occurs.
  • Look out for defects or rusty parts on the materials before taking them from the merchandiser. Remember that a flood barrier should be sturdy enough to last you for years so make sure they are brand new and original.
  • Sketch the design of the flood barriers so that you can have a pattern to follow while constructing the structures. Label each part and indicate which material to use for every segment. If you have knowledge in infrastructure design, you can use it in this job.
  • Cut or saw the plywood sheets or steel and aluminum sheets (whichever you prefer to use) according to the design. If you intend to surround your home with the barriers, you will need more sheets depending on the area of your lot.
  • Resize the wooden blocks following the height of the sheets. Construct a stand on each block to let them erect independently. Next, nail the sheets on the wooden blocks – much like you are building a wall in your home.
  • Seal the gaps between the sheets with a reliable and water proof sealer. Paint the barriers with mahogany color to add to its strength and durability.
  • Mount the flood barriers on their places and support the base with piles of sandbags. If you have enough sandbags, try to stack as many bags until they are as high as the constructed flood barriers.

Since floods occur only occasionally, you may remove the flood barriers after the flooding season is over. Place them neatly in a covered area where they will not be subjected to wear and tear so you can use them again the next time around.


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