How To Construct Rafters

If you are trying to build your own home, then you will most definitely need to learn how to make rafters. They hold the whole roof up, and they need to be very stable so that the roof won’t collapse. This is why constructing rafters the right way will be most important. They help to distribute the roof’s weight over the skeleton of the house, making it stronger.

Here are some tips on how to construct rafters:

Know which kind of rafter you need. There are many different kinds of rafters and you have to know the difference between each one. Usually, they are all used together in a single project. The simplest type is the common rafter, and they extend from a wall to a ridge board. They are most commonly used in homes and other simple structures. Valley rafters and hip rafters are both set on a 45 degree angle. The only difference is that valley rafters go from the inside of the roof to the outside of the ridge board, and hip rafters go the opposite way. They are used for bigger, heavier roofs that need more support. Flying hip rafters are used with valley rafters. This is to support roofs that are high. Meanwhile, valley jack rafters go with common rafters, as well as hip jack rafters. Meanwhile, cripple jack rafters are used to connect different types of rafters.

Prepare your materials. You will need a lot of wood to make your rafters. Also, you will need to measure them properly, so you will need a tape measure. You will also need a saw to cut up all of your wood, and a pencil to mark where you will be cutting them. Make sure that you are careful with all of your power tools.

Learn the Pythagorean Theorem. Most people think that once they are over with school, they are over with this theorem. However, what most do not know is that they are used to construct homes. In order to measure the length of your rafter, you will need to measure the base and the hypotenuse of the roof. Use your tape measure to do this. What you want to find is the length of the triangle that your roof makes. This will be where your rafters will be placed. To measure the length, square both the base and the hypotenuse of your roof. You will then have to divide the hypotenuse by the base. Then, get the square root of the result. This will be the length of your rafter. Measure and cut the wood you need to this length and you are good to go.

Start building your rafter. First, you should mark several spots for your rafter; the plumb cut and the heel cut. You will need a framing square for this. You will also need to mark the rafter’s birdsmouth. It is where the rafter will sit. Then, all you will have to do is trim and cut the rafter and you’re good to go.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find that after these simple steps, building a rafter will be a piece of pie.


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