How To Correct Drainage Problems

Correcting drainage problems depend on the drainage troubles that need to be fixed. You need to hire professional contractors if there is a need to install extensions on your rain gutter spouts so the drainage will be put away from your house. There are drainage problems that you can fix by yourself to help you save money. Below are steps and tips on how to correct drainage problems.

  • Contact your local utility company. You must consult them before doing any digging. Identify the location of the gas and water pipes in your house or establishment so you will not use emergency shutoff valves. Post the important information on your fridge, garage or any hotspot locations in your area so people around you can easily find the information whenever the water is flowing from a wrecked pipe.
  • Understand your goal carefully. Build a creek or a ditch only if rain overflows to your property. You can contact your local utility unit or hire someone to dig a ditch for you. Identify the location where the water is heading after a heavy rain. The ditch's lower end must be lower than the higher end. The center of the ditch must be higher than its edges because it can be a nesting ground for mosquitoes.
  • Filled or lined drainage moat. Even if you don't have major drainage problems at the moment, you can make a filled or lined drainage moat to collect water, and to gradually saturate the water into the ground. The hole that will be dug must be away from the gas and water pipes. Determine the size of the drainage moat that you need.
  • Put drainage netting in the hole that you have created. Fill the hole that you have created with rocks. The bigger rocks the better because they can hold more crevices that will hold water. Cover the top of the hole with another drainage netting. Put sod on the top of the hole, you can also put beautiful potted plants and decorative rocks on the top.  If you choose pipes instead of gravel to put in the ditch, then periodically add liquid bleach to kill any roots and to clear the flow of the water.
  • Sun powered water pump. Get a sun powered water pump if a drainage ditch failed to solve your problem. It will eliminate excess water from your basement or yard. It is economical and environmental friendly as well.
  • French drain. It is also known as land drain, perimeter drain, and drain tile. It is a trench that is covered with rock or gravel that will redirect groundwater away from your house or backyard so your house or establishment will not be damaged. The French drain needs hollow pipes so the water will vent and seep down through the rock or upper gravel. You can use the French drain method to distribute water from your septic tank. French drains are also helpful to alleviate water pressure from the ground.

Check your building or municipality codes because there might be requirements in digging ditches or creeks. Observe the situation carefully to see if there are repairs and digging that need to be done.


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