How To Cover a Headboard

Looking for a fun project to do at home?  What about covering a headboard?  You may want to update the current cover or put a new one on an uncovered headboard. It will give new life to your bed and your bedroom as a whole.


Before you embark on the project, see if you can easily remove the headboard from the bed. Otherwise, move the mattress away from the headboard so you can work on it.

  • Remove the previous cover. If the headboard already has a cover, take it out carefully using a ripping tool and possibly a screw driver or staple remover. After removing the fabric that covers the headboard, check the batting or padding if it can be reused. If not, place a layer or two of batting on the headboard.
  • Measure and cut the batting. Choose batting according to the thickness you need. If the available batting is thin, you can double the layer. There are many different types of battings in the market today. To add batting to the headboard, measure the whole headboard using your tape measure. Add six inches to the sides; you need to fold the batting over the headboard. Cut the batting with sharp scissors according to the measurement you took.
  • Attach the batting. Use a staple gun to attach the batting to the headboard. Staples should be at least two inches apart. To do this, place the batting over the headboard and fold it over the top. The top fold should have a six inch allowance. Staple the batting at the front and the back. Once the top is secure, you can now staple the other two sides. The fold should be six inches on both sides. Finish off by stapling the bottom part of the batting.
  • Measure and cut the fabric. Your choice of fabric design will depend on your taste. Using your tape measure, calculate how much fabric you will need to cover the headboard. Add at least ten inches to each side. The idea is to have more than enough fabric to cover the batting at the back of the headboard. Once you have the correct measurement, cut the fabric with fabric scissors.
  • Attach the fabric. Start at the top of the headboard and fold the cut fabric over. Use the staple gun and attach the fold at the back of the headboard. There should be no staples in front. Once you are done attaching the top part of the fabric, move on to the bottom of the headboard. Pull the fabric down to make sure it is taut and then staple the fold to the back of the headboard. Go to one side of the headboard. Again pull the fabric so it is taut then staple it to the back of the headboard. Finish off with the other side. Staple every two inches to make sure that the fabric is attached well. Any excess fabric or batting should be cut away with your scissors.
  • Cover the back. For a more polished headboard, you should cover the back with some fabric. Simply measure the amount of fabric you will need for the back. Add two inches to each side. Starting from the top, make a two inch fold on the fabric and staple the fabric on the back of the headboard. Finish all the sides. When done, return the headboard.

With simple materials like fabric, batting, a staple gun, scissors and measuring tape, you can easily update your headboard to give your room a refreshed look.


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