How To Crack a Master Lock Combination Lock

Sometimes, you may forget or misplace the combination sequence to open a "Master Lock" combination and lock. Short of physically hacking away at the lock to open it, there are a few ways in which you can crack the combination and open the lock. Some of these ways are listed below for your reference.

Step 1

Set the dial. To begin, set the dial on the lock to zero. Next, tug on the lock loop and keep twisting the dial until it doesn't move anymore. Make a note of the number is stops at; if the dial has stopped midway between numbers, for example, between 4 and 5, note the number as 4.5.

Step 2

Release the tension. Take away the pressure you've been applying and begin moving the dial once more. Tug the lock loop again as in step one and twist the dial till it stops. Note down the number the dial stops at, again. Continue repeating this action till the dial reaches 0 every time. Note down all the twelve numbers you get on a piece of paper. You should have 7 fractions and five full numbers. Of the five whole numbers, four will end with the same number. The fifth whole number is the 3rd number in your combination sequence. Mark this as so.

Step 3

Getting the remaining numbers in the sequence. Take the number you've isolated in step two and divide it by 4. Note down the result, a number falling between 0 and 3.

Step 4

Selection for first number of the combination sequence. Take the number found in the previous step and keep adding 4 to it until you've got 10 new numbers. These are the probables for the first number of the sequence.

Step 5

Selection for the second combination number. Take the same number from step 3 and add 2 this time, till you get another set of ten numbers. Any of these numbers could be the second digit in the combination.

Step 6

Permutations and combinations. Take the single number from step 3 and the two sets of 10 numbers from the next two steps. Try out all the possible combinations with these three sets to arrive at the best possible combination sequence for your master lock.

You will probably spend the most time on the last step; given that there can be eighty possible combinations. However, you may not need to try out all 80 combinations, before you find the correct one.


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