How To Create a Tuscan Kitchen

If you love the look of the Old World and all things sunny and natural, a Tuscan-themed interior is best for you. Tuscan decoration ideas particularly work on kitchens. And if your kitchen carries a Tuscan look, it is impossible not to get the vibe of the Tuscany region. There are several ways to make a Tuscan kitchen, and to get ideas, take a look at the following tips.

  • Choose the colors. Tuscany is particularly sunny, so you must incorporate a perennially sunny look in your kitchen. Tuscan colors fall in the range of yellow, gold, orange, and red. You can, for instance, paint your walls with strong yellow. Curtains can be in light yellow, or something that lets the sun in. The accents, such as jars and pots, can be in a combination of orange and red.
  • Pick wooden furniture pieces. Tuscan furniture items are usually large and made of wood. So place a number of wooden, old-looking, antique-like but sturdy and functional furniture in your kitchen. You can use one furniture item as a central piece and build your kitchen around it. Although deep brown is good, you can use other colors for the furniture such as black, red, and other warm colors. Best to use colors that will contrast the color of your walls.
  • Install decorative, sturdy flooring. Rustic flooring is ideal for a Tuscan kitchen. You can choose from mosaic tiles, terra cota tiles, stone, and granite. As far as flooring is concerned, natural materials work best. Add rugs that even more create a Tuscan atmosphere, especially those that are in bold green and purple colors and have fruit and floral decorations.
  • Invest in cabinets. In addition to their storage function, cabinets are also good decorative accents in any Tuscan-themed kitchen. Cabinets, like the furniture, should look old and can be in a dark color. Deep brown and red are perfect, although you can add some colors in the cabinet doors to make a contrasting effect. Some of the cabinets, however, should be open, so you can use them to display your kitchen accessories.
  • Install old-looking light fixtures. For consistency, the light fixtures should as well be antique-looking. In fact, wrought iron is an ideal material. Stay away from modern light fixtures and chandeliers, which are often shiny and flashy. Although having numerous light fixtures contributes to the Tuscan look, remember that natural lighting is still necessary for a Tuscan kitchen.
  • Put kitchen accessories. Complete the Tuscan look by designing your kitchen with pots, ceramics, wooden bowls, painted jars and plates, baskets, and copper cookware. Add bowls of pepper and lemon and hanging garlic and grapevines as well. Line your windows with potted plants, too.

As you see, making a Tuscan kitchen is all about using the natural, the functional, and the practical. The idea here is to keep things simple. So don’t over-decorate your Tuscan kitchen; otherwise you’ll end up having a messy kitchen with no main focus. Although making an attractive kitchen is your goal, your foremost priority still is to make a kitchen where preparing family meals becomes less than a task.


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