How To Create a Weed Free Flower Bed

Weeds are typically unwanted as they grow where they are not supposed to. They are unsightly and sprout rather aggressively where your desired plants or flowers are supposed to bud. It is frustrating to find that weeds thrive even faster than the colorful flowers you have in your garden. If you plan to create a lovely and healthy flower garden in your yard, you should know that it takes effort to create a weed-free flower bed. While the task may not be too easy as the following steps may seem, you know that it will be worth your effort as a weed-free flower bed is easy to clean and maintain. 

  1. Carefully plan your garden. The location and design of your flower garden have a lot to do with the growth of weeds. Ideally you would want to place your flower bed on an area that is weed-free to start with. Like most plants, weeds need nutrients such as sunlight and water to grow. Hence you need to select a spot in your garden that allows you to deprive weeds of their nutrients. 
  2. Clear the area before tilling the bed. Use a flat spade or a digging fork to thoroughly remove sod and other existing vegetation. It is important to break up the clods of soil and eliminate all the roots you find. However, be careful not to dig deeper than two inches in the soil as that will only make the weeds to resurface.
  3. Edge the area to separate the spot from the surrounding grass. You can do this using a shovel and a stick to measure and mark the ground where you want the corners to be.
  4. Create borders. You can choose timbers to create a nice wooden border for your flower bed. Fix the borders about two feet in height or according to your preference. Put the borders right inside the cleared spot and push it against the surrounding .You may use nails on the corners to keep the borders intact.
  5. Use filler for your flower bed. While you can use dirt from your yard, make sure it is free from sod as weeds will only sprout from deep inside the bed. Add filler up to six inches of the top of the border.
  6. Use soil blended with well-rotted manure or compost to provide a healthy planting soil. You may also purchase potting soils which are treated with fertilizers to help grow your favored flowers.

Another means of eradicating weeds is to use glyphosate herbicide. When using this kind of product, always follow the directions indicated on the package and use carefully with a sponge to use only the smallest amount and avoid spray drift. If you would rather use this weed killer product, wait at least a week before tilling the bed. You may also choose organic weed controls which are now readily available in the market.


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