How To Create an Elegant Table Setting

Have some neighbors or friends coming over for a visit? Or planning to hold a chic, classy dinner with some ‘high society’ people? Whatever the reason may be, don’t panic if you want to set up your table with an elegant table setting. Here are some guidelines to consider in making the elegant table setting that would dazzle anyone, from your closest friends to your classiest acquaintances.

  1. Plan and adapt to the occasion. Planning is one the most important thing in creating your table setting. Consider the factors such as the type of occasion, type of visitors you would have, weather, and such. Common sense will tell you that a modish table setting with expensive glass and china is never applicable for a picnic. A simple dinner would have different setting for a buffet. Utilize your glassware and chinaware because this will certainly add a classy effect.
  2. Start with the basics. The basic set would be: tea spoon, soup spoon, dinner fork, salad fork and knife. Their corresponding place settings are: (a) cup, (b) saucer, (c) bread plate and (d) salad plate/bowl. Don’t fret if you do not have the complete set. You can customize your own setting later on. Then choose a clean, ironed tablecloth, not that one with the loud colors and intricate designs. You can opt for a simple white tablecloth.. Add a runner to add spice to your table.
  3. Put them in their correct places. Table setting and the placement of the things have rules that are really mind-boggling. Nonetheless, you can stick to the basics: Glasses must be in the right; the bread plate in the left; forks go to the left, knives on the right. You can refer to the Mary Mitchell’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Etiquette.
  4. Liven it up with accessories. Choose a centerpiece that would dazzle the diners, but try to put one that is not tall that it will obstruct the diners of the opposite table from conversing, but a long and small one to accommodate talk between them. You don’t need to buy an expensive centerpiece. You can make your own. Don’t forget the lighting. It would inspire gusto and increase appetite. It would also amplify the colors of the dishes. Add decorations such as pillar candles and glass pitchers with floating lighted candles in them. Enrich the aroma of the dinner with flowers of faint scent. This will make your table setting more interesting.
  5. Remember your manners and etiquette.  It is part and parcel of an elegant and classy dining experience. Dirty words and bad attitude would ruin not just the dinner but also the relationships. Of course, appropriate manners do not mean stiff conversations. You can be socially accommodating that will complement you setting without being too ‘un-elegant’.

As said earlier, these are only guidelines, and you are absolutely free to do some changes according to your own circumstances and sense of style. Nonetheless, an elegant table setting will certainly make your dining experience more interesting, not just for your visitors, friends and acquaintances, but also your own family.


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