How To Create an Outdoor Sleeping Room

Unused spaces and patches of land in your backyard are the kinds of thing that can motivate your inner creativity to design and build a structure to make use of the particular non-functional space. While most people convert the space into an outdoor lounge or recreational room, others look at less expensive options. One very cost-effective and popular idea is to create an outdoor sleeping and lounging room. An outdoor sleeping room will allow anyone to relax by sleeping, enjoying a good book, or reflecting on their thoughts while benefiting from fresh air and the intoxicating scenery of nature.

Choose the location. Finding a suitable location for your outdoor sleeping room is easy. Since the most important part of the room is the furniture or medium that you will lay on, you will only need to find a small shaded space good enough to place a bed, sofa, or a hammock. Some homes have gazebos, porches, or a shaded patio already constructed. If these spaces do not serve any function, then you can use these as your outdoor sleeping room. This way, you will not need to do any construction work. If you do not have any existing similar structures in your home, choose a tree-shaded space. If the shade is not enough to shield the space from the sun, tie up a canopy between the trees to extend the shade. You may construct a small open room that provides ample roofing for the space as well.

Make the space comfortable
. Once you have chosen the most suitable outdoor space in your home for your relaxation room, it is time to bring in the items that will make your outdoor sleeping room as comfortable as it can be. For this room, the most important is the actual medium you will use for sleeping. Normally, people will bring in a single or double sized bed. You can opt for this or you can be more creative by choosing a hammock instead of a bed. Tie each end of the hammock to a tree or post so that it will be hanging in a stretched manner. Make sure the ends are tied to structures that can handle your weight. Lie down on the hammock and feel the breeze blow by all around your body. Instead of a bed or hammock, you can opt for a comfy sofa or lounge chair as well.

Decorate the room. As soon as you have decided on the sleeping medium, it is time to decorate the sleeping space. Decide on the overall theme of the room. The most popular themes are Japanese, Chinese, Roman, or Indian. Choose a theme and decorate the room based on it. For example, if you chose a Roman theme, then get some sheets that emulate the colors of Rome. Use white sheets with trims of blue or red. If possible, instead of using a bed, find a lounge sofa or chair that allows a person to lie down fully extended. If the room has windows or open entrances, use Roman shades to provide shade from the sun. For the flooring, purchase an intricate rug or carpet with the same color as the trimming on the sheets. Top the room off with paintings and sculptures depicting Ancient Rome. If the area is full of pesky mosquitoes and flies, you can use a netting to protect the bed from the intrusions of these pests.

As soon as your sleeping room is adequately shaded, decorated, and weather-resistant, lie down and start relaxing. Enjoy the shade, scenery, and breeze that nature brings.


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