How To Create More Storage Space in a Linen Closet

If you are not careful your linen closet will be cramped in no time. Since it is used to store general household items that are used regularly, more often than not you shop for items and just place them inside the linen closet. Towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, toiletries and other bits and pieces all share space inside the linen closet and some organization is required to make it spic and span and provide you with more storage space for new items. Here are some things that you can do to create more storage space in a linen closet.

  • Allot a day during the weekend to tackle the chore. It is best that you give yourself plenty of time to do this because you will have to sort through all the items that you have inside your linen closet.
  • Prepare big boxes to sort all the items. Take all the things that are stored in the closet, sort them and place the items in individual piles. Now sort through each pile to remove items that you no longer use, have expired, too old and too worn out. Toiletry items have expiry dates and these items should be checked regularly. Remove all those items that have expired, those that are near their expiry date and the new ones. Keep toiletry items in a small bin or a basket to keep them organized in one container.
  • Check the beddings and other items for the bedroom. Comforters can be stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags or large storage bags and placed at the bottom of the closet rather than on the shelves. If the linen closet is small you can place the comforters and blankets in plastic storage bins and store them under the bed. You can even sort these individually and store the items in each bedroom. Set aside old ones that you can donate to the shelter.
  • Look at all the towels that are stored inside. There may be very old ones that you can recycle and cut up into small pieces to use as rags. The others can you no longer use can be set aside to be donated. Place the new ones under the pile and used ones on top. Use stackable baskets or plastic bins to hold the towels.
  • Install a door hanger or two at the back of the linen closet doors. Look for those with plenty of see-through pockets where you can store other small items. Likewise you can install additional shelves inside the linen closet. There are several sizes and types of shelves that you can buy from a DIY shop or from the home furnishing store. There are wire mesh shelves and baskets that can be installed to the back wall of the linen closet with brackets and screws.
  • Place the items that you will definitely use in a month on the shelves and bins in the front of the linen closet such as towels and toiletries sorted by their expiration date and stack those other items and supplies at the back of the closet. In this way you will be assured that you are using in the proper order and keep a fresh supply when needed.

Make sure that you check and organize your linen closet monthly. Rotate the use of towels and beddings by placing those that have been used and washed at the bottom of the pile. Toiletries should also get the same treatment by placing shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, shaving creams and other items that are used regularly in a small storage basket that is easily accessible. By organizing all the items stored in the linen closet and placing those in individual bins you will find that you will have enough space for new items and your closet will definitely look tidy.


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