How To Create Wood Signs with a Router

If you like wooden craft ideas, you'll enjoy making a wood sign. Wood signs are a great weekend project. And with the proper woodworking tools such as an electric router, you can easily make wooden signs that showcase your creative designs. Check out these wood engraving tips and learn how to make wooden signs with a router.

1. Create your design's pattern first.

You will need to determine first how the wood sign will look like. To do this, you must draw up a pattern on a piece of paper. You may be able to find wooden craft patterns elsewhere, or you can create your own. Make sure that you do the necessary measuring to create a well-proportioned and balanced design before making wood signs. This is especially true since you will be using letters and numbers on the router wood sign. Make sure that all of the characters are centered and evenly spaced from each other.

2. Prepare the wooden board to be used for the router wood sign.

Cut the wooden board according to how big you want your router wood sign to be. The ideal thickness for router wood signs are an inch thick. Anything thinner than this and the router wood sign may flail in the wind, especially when left hanging from a rod. Therefore, you'll want to find the ideal wood for wooden crafts such as this. Grab a piece of carbon paper and set this on top of the wooden board. Now, lay the design you created in step 1 on top of it and start tracing the design onto the wooden board.

3. Select the bit to use for creating your designs.

The most appropriate router bits to use for this would be the edge shaping bits. You can choose from the roundover bit, the Roman ogee bit, the cove bit, and the beading bit.

4. Start the process of engraving the design onto the wooden board.

First, stick the chosen bit into the electric router. If you will be working with a router that is attached to a router table, then simply put the wooden board on top of the router table. But if what you are using is a handheld electric router, then it is best to secure the wooden board onto the work table using a clamp. This way, the wooden board would not move unnecessarily while you are working on it. Once the wooden board is ready, plug the router into the electric outlet and power it on. Slowly guide the router bit to carve out the design traced on the wooden board.  Repeat the process for all the patterns and your router wood sign is good to go.

Woodworking tools should be handled with extreme care. You should wear a pair of protective goggles to make sure no pieces of wood get to your eyes while you are working on the router wood signs. Now you can go hang your wood carving art for all to see!


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