How To Custom Fragrance your Laundry Detergent

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If you’re very particular about scents and fragrances, and you’ve never found the laundry detergent fragrance that suits your preferences, fret no more. There are many ways that you could customize your laundry detergent so your newly washed clothes will come out smelling exactly as you want them. Here are some of the key points to remember to customize the fragrance of your laundry detergent: 

  • Purchase your needed materials. For this project, you’d need the following: unscented liquid laundry detergent (you can buy these at major groceries or online at sites such as and essential oils. You can buy essential oils at herbal stores. Apart from choosing essential oils for their fragrances, you could choose them for their benefits. For example, lavender is known to combat anxiety and depression; rosemary is known to stimulate the memory; eucalyptus promotes alertness; and sandalwood is known to be a good remedy for insomnia.
    As an alternative to laundry detergent, you may want to customize the scent of your liquid fabric softener, instead. In this case, you should still buy unscented laundry detergent and essential oils, along with unscented fabric conditioner. In this regard, you could either choose actual liquid fabric conditioner or fabric sheets. 
  • Combine the oil with the detergent. Before washing your laundry, simply combine the essential oil of your choice with the liquid laundry detergent. Measure out the amount of laundry detergent that you’d need, and place it in a small container. Then, put in about eight drops of the essential oil. Shake the mixture thoroughly. Place the mixture in the washing machine with the water inside (make sure that the clothes aren’t there yet). Stir in the mixture in the water, and then place the clothes in.
  • Combine the oil with the fabric conditioner. If you want to customize the fragrance with your fabric conditioner, do the same procedure with the fabric conditioner as described above: prepare the amount of fabric conditioner that you’d use, and put in about eight drops of the essential oil. Shake the mixture thoroughly, and place it in the water (with the laundry not inside yet). Mix the water and the oil mixture, and then immerse the clothes.
    If you want to use fabric sheets instead of liquid fabric conditioner, here’s what you can do: purchase unscented fabric sheets and an empty spray. Put water inside the spray and eight drops of essential oil. Shake the mixture vigorously, and spray it onto one side of the fabric sheet. Allow the sheet to dry, and then place it in with your laundry.

There you have it! These are the easy ways to custom fragrance your laundry detergent (as well as your fabric conditioner). Easy as pie, right? You might want to experiment with different essential oils so you could find out which type would fit your tastes. If you find that too-strong fragrances tend to irritate you, you might want to cut down on the number of drops of essential oil you will use: instead of eight, about five should be enough. Good luck, and hope your laundry smells wonderful!


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