How To Cut Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is probably one of the most popular materials used to accessorize the outside walls of a structure, particularly in buildings and homes.  While this material can positively enhance that look of any wall, it is not as durable as you may like it to be.  After a certain point, with constant wear and tear from the natural elements, the vinyl sidings that once looked so spectacular may seem dilapidated and dingy.  When this happens, replacing the gloomy vinyl sidings becomes critical.  Obviously, the process of replacement will involve cutting the siding to specific dimension in order to fit snugly onto your walls.  Here are the correct steps to apply the cuts.

  • Measure it.  Like any other material to be cut, the first step will always be taking the exact measurements.  To do this, whip out your tape measure or ruler and start measuring the length of the siding needed to be installed on the wall.  You can use a pencil to mark the areas to be cut.  This will make it easy for you to install it later on.
  • Prepare for cutting.  After measuring and marking the vinyl siding, place it on a clear worktable.  The siding should be flat on the surface of the table.  This will stabilize it for the cut.  You really don’t want the vinyl siding moving even a centimeter off as you cut it or else your cut won’t be precise.  For the cutting, you will be using a utility knife or handsaw so make sure this is at the ready.  If you have a circular saw, then it is highly recommended to use this since the cut will be more even than using a manual cutting tool like a knife or handsaw.
  • Make the cuts.  Once everything is in place, get your tool and hold it straight as you place it on the pencil mark you made during your measurement of the siding.  Cut clean and straight through the vinyl siding.  Again, if you used a circular saw or even a miter saw, the cut will be clean and clear.   If you are cutting at an angle, which may be required depending on the installation of the particular piece, you may want to use a compound miter saw which has presets you can use for angled cuts.  If you do not have this cutting tool, then you will have to go about it manually which can be a challenge.

Before cutting the vinyl siding, it is highly recommended to double-check your measurements since you really cannot make any adjustments after the cut, especially if the cut is too short.  Now, as you cut the siding, make sure to wear protective goggles and gloves as a precaution.  This is especially critical if you will be handling a circular saw or compound saw which are both power tools.

After cutting the vinyl siding, proceed with the installation of the piece into the wall where you previously removed the old siding.  This being said, it would be a great idea to use the old vinyl siding as the measurement guide for cutting the new one.  This being the case, you really will not need to use a measuring tape or ruler since the old siding should help you make the marks on the new one.


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