How To Decide Which Home Maintenance Project to Put First

Maintaining your home is not an easy task. Not only is it a responsibility, it is a commitment too. At the time of purchase, your home may have looked so perfect and unblemished, but with the passing of time, the leaks, cracks and stains show up, prompting you to do repair jobs. You might cringe with the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on the materials and labor costs. And yet you have no choice, otherwise you might one day find yourself sleeping under a dripping roof. Worse, if you are thinking of reselling your house, it may not command a good price if you fail to maintain it.

So which project should you do first? Will it be the home roof or the home basement? What about toilet installation or home additions? Do you have enough of a budget to do a new home maintenance project? Now don’t try to do all these things simultaneously in your haste to get done with everything lest you might find yourself in the middle of numerous unfinished projects.

In deciding which home maintenance project you should put first, prioritize the structure of the house and its systems and amenities. Painting jobs on the exterior portion, roof repairs, window fixtures, furnace remodeling, sewage system and electrical installations must be given utmost concern because they form the solid structure of the house. If you plan to resell your house, these are the first things that buyers usually check out. While aesthetics and visual designs are plus factors in attracting buyers, for most people, these things are only secondary.

Now in deciding which of the solid structure parts of the house should be attended to, the roof area naturally comes first. Though your house is highly functional inside with a spacious and well-equipped kitchen if your roof is worn off, living in it could be a stressful experience. Therefore you need to attend to the roof first. By giving it a leak-proofing and repainting job and making sure the gutters are working well, you can say that truly, there is a roof over your head.

The next priority maintenance project is your sewage and toilet and heating/air conditioning system. The home is where you seek comfort and warmth hence necessary amenities must be well-kept at all times. Clogged drainage, un-flushable toilet and broken heating system can add to the daily stressors in life. So make your home as comfortable as possible by doing regular checkups on these areas.

If your house has a brick wall on the front side, replace each torn, cracked or chipped off brick with a new one. Again, if you are thinking of disposing your home, take note that the façade creates first impression on the buyers. A falling off façade will most likely mean a badly maintained interior and buyers won’t even want to look inside anymore.

Plumbing fixtures are just as important. Make sure faucet handles are intact and that there is running water oozing out from the spouts any time of the day. Broken shower heads should likewise be replaced immediately and take caution that the water heater system is functioning for every house occupant’s convenience.

Keeping your home in excellent condition is hard work. To make the job easier for you, try listing down the home maintenance projects you need to do in order of their priority. Based on this list, you can execute each project according to your budget and personal schedule.


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