How To Declutter a Room

Oh the clutter!  Oh the mess!  Yes, a room that is disheveled and disorganized can really make you cringe.  The worst of it is that once you see a room heavy with all kinds of junk, you get so overwhelmed that you either live with it or leave.  Well, the reality is that the clutter will not clear by itself.  You will really have to take time out to attend to this disorganization.  Don’t worry though, once you do get started, you will see how time flies and in a mere feeling of an hour, you will have cleared up the mess and will be looking at a more acceptable room worthy of people to live in.  Here are some tips on how to declutter and organize your room quick, fast, and painlessly.

  • Schedule the clean up.  Depending on the severity of the mess and clutter, you may have to work on this room for a whole day.  In some cases, it may take you two to three days.  Well, the first step in tidying up your room will be to schedule free time to do it.  Yes, you can make all the excuses in the world such as the typical “I am too busy at work” but the reality is you will have to clear this up someday.  Any day is good for as long as you set it right in your mind and on your calendar.
  • Start somewhere.  All right, upon looking at the room, you may find yourself too overwhelmed making it difficult for you to specify your starting point.  Yes, this is a common occurrence for most people.  In reality though, all you really have to do is to pick something up and the rest will follow.  Start from the doorway or from one corner of the room and pick things up as you go.  Sooner or later, you will be deep in the trenches clearing stuff up by the dozen.
  • Use boxes and bags.  The bags are for trash while the boxes are for storage.  Make sure to have several of these containers at the ready.  Place all the unwanted junk in the bag.  For the other stuff, you can place them in boxes.  Make sure to label your boxes so that you know what items are in the box.  If you like, you can actually set aside a couple of boxes with items you can maybe sell via a yard or garage sale.  The extra bucks for these unwanted items can put a smile on your face, right?  Yes, it is not a bad deal at all.
  • Ask for help.  If the clutter is too thick to manage alone, it might be very beneficial to ask for help from friends or from the other members of the family.  In fact, with people helping you out, you can make the whole activity of cleaning much more fun and enjoyable.    
  • Go for prevention.  Once you complete cleaning and clearing the room, it is important to implement preventive measures so that the clutter does not happen again.  The system you can put into place can be through adding more storage compartments in the room, enforcing clean up rooms, and even moving all the other stuff in the room to another room that can accommodate it, a room not heavily visited by you or your guests.

Decluttering a room can be taxing and can even brings out the laziness in any person.  The trick here is to start somewhere.  If you start somewhere, the whole activity will pass by without you noticing what time it is.  At a certain point, you will be surprised to see that the room is now free from clutter and you will feel that rewarding glow that you made the day productive once more.


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