How To Decorate With Tuscan Wall Décor Stencils

Tuscan style stencils are often used to compliment and enhance Tuscan style décor and decorating. These motifs are often used as borders, which might include grape vines, mural stencils or a focal point with pattern designs. Stenciled motifs will usually add an old-world elegance, and can add charm to any room that is decorated in a Tuscan theme.

Where to use Tuscan Stencils

  • Tuscan décor is very versatile. Stencils can add a finishing touch to any area with existing Tuscan décor. These will look good in various places in your home.
  • Kitchen: Tuscan stencils can be used to create a grapevine-type outline on the wall. This can be used behind the kitchen sink to give it an outline.
  • Dining room: You can add stencils on the ceiling for an interesting look. Stencil a Tuscan pattern around the lighting fixture.
  • Living room: You can give your living room a Tuscan countryside look by using stencils on the window. Give it a glimpse of the Italian landscape.
  • Bedroom: You can repeatedly use Tuscan stencils around the room. Do this close to the ceiling or halfway up the wall, like a dado rail.
  • Bathroom: Use stencils to outline your mirror or shower.

How to Apply Tuscan Stencils

  • Use dry-brush oil or acrylic paint. Acrylic will usually come in different colors, and will be easy to clean up in between stencil colors. Acrylic also dries quickly. Dry-brush oil paint will not smudge if you’re using different colors. It won’t bleed, too. You can use it on any surface.
  • Thoroughly clean the wall before applying any paint. You can use chalk to mark lines that you will need to follow when painting using stencils.
  • When you are using repetitive patterns, start at the corner opposite from the door.
  • Use repositionable contact spray adhesive on the back of the stencil, which lets you move the stencil up to seven times. You  should position the stencil directly on the chalk line, so you have a guide. Make sure the stencil adheres tightly to the wall, to prevent any bleeding of the paint.
  • Dip your brush or sponge into the paint, and wipe excess paint on a piece of cloth. Apply the paint with a vertical motion. Start at the outside of the stencil, working your way toward the middle part.
  • Let the paint dry. Clean your brush or sponge afterward, before applying different colors. You should remember to apply the lightest colors first.
  • If you want to apply Tuscan murals, you will need to layer stencils correctly.

Where to find Tuscan stencils

  • You can find free patterns that you can cut-out yourself. You will need Tuscan style stencils, though, if you want cleaner lines and better quality. These can be found at interior design stores or online stores that cater to interior designers. You can find Tuscan stencils for different kinds of work, such as borders, murals, and wallpapers.

Using Tuscan style décor can bring a touch of old world into any home. Use Tuscan stencils to add a touch of Italian country living to your room or home.


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