How To Design a Bed and Breakfast Floor Plan

A bed and breakfast can be a very profitable business. To entice customers and clients, however, you will need to design a very special bed and breakfast. Start with the floor plan, before moving on to other design details such as the exact furniture that you will purchase the ornaments, and even the wallpaper for the rooms. Here’s how you can create the floor plan.

  • Theme. First of all, you need to make sure that your bed and breakfast has a single unified theme. Each room in the bed and breakfast should have its own character and should stand apart from the other rooms, so that each guest will want to experience bed and breakfast in all of the rooms. But, the rooms should still have a single unifying theme that will give the bed and breakfast itself its own character.
  • Tools. After you have determined the theme that you want to use for the bed and breakfast, the next step is for you to consider the tools that you have for creating the floor plan. Generally, you can use software to design the floor plan. One of the advantages of using computers with special software is that it usually has templates that will allow you to design quickly. Not everyone, however, has access to these types of software. If you do not have one, you can also create the floor plan using only a sheet of paper.
  • Sketching. Whatever tool you use, the next step is to use it to start sketching the basic outlines of the floor plan. Consider the position of all the rooms, all of the bathrooms, the closets, the halls, the corridors, the stairs, et cetera. Once you have finished sketching, make sure that you add details such as the windows, where the doors are, where the sinks are, and where other fixtures are located. You will have to consider these features when designing. For instance, you will need to arrange lighting so that it complements the natural light that comes from the windows. You will also need to make sure that the rooms all get a good view.
  • Consider the furniture. Afterwards, determine where you will place the furniture in the room. The basic furniture that you will need to arrange around the room is the beds, chairs, side tables, et cetera. You can also add shelves where you can place decorative items such as figurines. Also make sure that you have ample space in each room, so that the guests can move around freely without bumping into the furniture. Make sure that you also add a couple of paintings to accentuate the walls and break the monotony in corridors and hallways.
  • Highlights. Finally, add the finishing touches, such as what type of wallpaper or paint that you want to use on each room. Make sure that each room has its own color palette and that each room has a particular sub-theme.

With these steps, you should be able to easily design your own bed and breakfast floor plan.


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