How To Design a Linen Closet

A linen closet originally was created to hold all the spare linens that the household uses throughout the year. However it has already evolved into a store-all closet. With all the other items fighting for valuable space inside the linen closet, it is very important that a linen closet be organized. It will be better if the linen closet is divided into several sections to ensure that everything inside it can be seen and those that have expiry dates can be used while they are still in good condition. Below are some tips on how to design a linen closet.

  • Take a look at all the items inside the linen closet and make a note of all the contents. It can be a challenge since most linen closets hold an assortment of items from the usual linens to toiletries, cleaning supplies, makeup and medicine. Remove all the items and refold all the fabric items. Segregate them according to use and section of the house. Place towels together. Bed linens such as bed covers, bed sheets and pillowcases should be grouped together in one or two shelves. Hand towels, table napkins and table cloths should have their own designated area in the closet.
  • Buy small baskets and stackable trays to hold other items that are stored inside the linen closet. Use separate trays or baskets for shampoos and conditioners. Place together extra toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and floss in another. Make sure that cleaning supplies are separated from the rest of the items that are in the closet. Put them in a basket and place them at the floor of the linen closet.
  • Use wire trays as section dividers. These are easy to install and can be used to hold some of the other items that have no space in the existing shelves of the linen closet. There are also wire trays that you can install to provide additional shelf space for other items that do not fall into a specific category.
  • Get extra storage space by attaching door racks that hang from the top of the linen closet doors. This will give you a lot of extra space to hold smaller items that can clutter the look of the linen closet. You can place items with expiry dates in these door racks since they will be the ones that have to be used immediately. It will be easier to sort them when they are in a very accessible location inside the closet.
  • Remove bulky items such as quilts that are only used during winter and store them in vacuum-sealed bags. You can then place them under your bed or place them inside plastic storage boxes to free up some space in the linen closet.
  • Place extra baskets and stackable trays at the bottom of the closet to hold other items that inevitably find their way into the linen closet. Label the boxes and the shelves so that other family members will have an easier time in locating and replacing items in their rightful places.

Use other items found in the house for extra storage space. You can cover empty shoe boxes, sturdy cardboard boxes and large coffee cans with fabric or wallpaper to make them look elegant and appealing and use them to hold other items inside the closet. Throw away items that have expired and those that are already threadbare and remove some of the items that are only used occasionally and store them in other storage spaces inside your house. This will free up more space and help you in designing a more organized and categorized linen closet.


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