How To Detect Black Mold in Your Home

Having a clean living space is essential so that you and your family can be healthy. One of the most common toxic materials that can be seen in the house is the black mold. Black mold is common in moist areas of the house. It is important that you get rid of black mold as this can cause health problems when not dealt with immediately. When the mold is exposed to air, it can go through air conditioners or ventilation systems, and this can cause serious illnesses.

For mold remediation, you may need to call the experts to fully kill mold. It is also wise to know how to detect black mold so that you can do the necessary actions to get rid of it. Here are some tips on how you can detect black mold in your home:

  1. Check vulnerable areas. First, you have to check the vulnerable areas around the house. These areas are the ones that moist ones. Check on corners of walls, ceilings, under sinks in the bathroom and kitchen and in the attic. You will most likely see a type of household mold in these places.
  2. Smell. Another thing that you can do to detect black mode is to use your sense of smell. Black mold is known to have a musky, urine-like smell. You will distinctly recognize the smell of black mold in places, such as wooden paneling, under sinks and behind drywalls.
  3. Color. You can recognize black mold by checking the color. Black mold does not really appear to be pure black most of the time. It has a dark green tint that is close to black. Black mold is also known to be slimy.
  4. Common places. Some of the most common places to see black mold is inside bathrooms, the attic and the basement. Also check carpeted areas in the house, as carpets can be a home for molds, especially if it gets wet and does not dry off completely.
  5. Test kit. If you really want to make sure that your house is free of mold mildew, you can use a test kit. You can purchase these mold test kits from These do-it-yourself kits can detect if molds are present in as fast as two days. You also have the option to let the test kit be analyzed to see what type of mold is present in your house.

These are some of the ways on how you can detect black mold in your house. To prevent mold from building up, always keep bathrooms dry and avoid using carpets in your homes. Of course, you cannot prevent mold from forming in some areas of the house. The best thing to do when you detect a mold in your house is to clean it up with soap and water. Afterwards, use a fungicide to fully eliminate the mold. If there are a lot of places in your house where mold has accumulated, you may want to ask help from the experts so that they can fully eliminate the harmful mold.


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