How To Determine if You Need a Home Security System

Everyone feels safer at home. You feel that your home is your ultimate sanctuary from the harsh realities and threats of the outside world. But what if your home's neighborhood becomes threatened by growing crime rates? In these times of recession and increasing unemployment rates, you cannot neglect the idea that crimes, particularly burglary, will tend to be rampant. Do you think your home is safe? Is it or is it not time to consider getting a home alarm system? There are several of home security systems available for you to choose from. One of them is from Secure Corporate, a Malaysian company specializing in keeping people like you safe with secure solutions. But before you start typing in your order, here are some points to determine if you really need a home security system:

  1. Check the numbers. Know your neighborhood's crime statistics periodically. This information is readily available from your local police station. You should have the diligence in monitoring your neighborhood's activities and events. Of course, do not attempt to be a stalker to your neighbors!
  2. If you are a frequent traveler or if you work long hours, it may be advisable to secure your home with a security system. An empty house, or if your house looks empty, can signal burglars to target your home. Though some property crimes occur with the owners present, you would not want robbers having a feast in your own home when you are unable to be there
  3. Compared to other age groups, people who are 65 years old or older are the most affected by property crimes. Home security systems are a must if you are a senior citizen, or if you are living with one. 13% of home invasions are committed against people over 65. Since majority of the offenders are under the age of 25, an aged person is no match against an agile young one. If your parents are living alone in a house, you might want to give them the extra security they need.
  4. Another point to consider is the size of your home. If you have a large house with multiple garages, it may be time to secure your entry points. The number of entrances in your home may determine how strongly your home needs to be protected.
  5. If your windows are all in glass, particularly sliding glass, and you are uncomfortable in installing grates or grills, a home security system may be your only solution. Most home invasions progress thru entering unlocked doors or breaking unsecured sliding glass panels.

Wherever your home is located, it is always your safe house. You would always want your family and yourself feel that someone is watching over it, that an imaginary guard is standing by your doors or windows. If you think that you need an additional helping hand in keeping your home and family safe, find a good home security system but don't forget to still lock your doors!


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