How To Dispose of Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are perilous to people's health and the environment because of the presence of chemical elements such as lead, mercury, zinc, and manganese. Batteries that are improperly disposed of can contribute to serious burns and can lead to water and air contamination.

In the United States alone, around 84,000 tons of alkaline batteries are used in a year. Eighty percent of these batteries come in the form of AA batteries commonly used in hand held games, laptops, toys, and other gadgets. What's worse is that thousands of children have been victimized each year because of batteries stuck in their noses or mouths. Meanwhile, tossed batteries vaporize their harmful chemicals that can lead to environment degradation and serious health issues.

With this, many states are alarmed with the ever-increasing number of alkaline batteries disposed of in landfills. The primary root cause is the unawareness of people about proper disposal and recycling of batteries. Read this article thoroughly on how you can of dispose batteries properly and save the environment.

Most US states do not advise their residents to dispose of batteries in household trash cans, but oblige them to dispose of alkaline batteries in battery recycling bins provided in stores and disposal facilities. The special trash bins are secured for health and environmental purposes. If you have other unused batteries, keep them sealed properly in a plastic bag or container before you throw them in trash cans. Also, it is not advisable to junk alkaline batteries in large groups, because the batteries have the tendency to spark and explode. Thus, make alkaline disposal as efficient as can be.

The best and most rudimentary way of disposing of an alkaline battery is through recycling. The practical way to dispose of alkaline batteries is by consulting 1-800-CLEANUP or locating your local disposal and recycling centers. You'd better ask for instructions and clarifications whether or not the state allows battery recycling, to avoid pertinent fines. If you are living in a state like California where there is no law about battery recycling, you can find companies online that offer recycling. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation is a known company where you can sell unused and old batteries. Aside from alkaline batteries, other batteries in the form of lead and used car batteries can be recycled because of their high recycling rate. What you need to do is find a metal buyer for your used car or lead batteries. Mobile phone batteries can also be recycled because of their metal hydride materials. Who knows, maybe you'll earn money from those scraps!

To reduce the increasing amount of alkaline batteries thrown in landfills, you must know the importance of using rechargeable batteries. Another alternative is opting for non-battery powered gadgets such as SEE toys and water ionizers. Today, most electronic gadgets such as MP3s, iPods, and PSPs, are no longer using alkaline batteries, hence helping lower the dependency on alkaline batteries. By purchasing these products, you will help reduce the volume of batteries thrown in landfills every day. You will help save the environment. making it a safe place for you and your children.


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