How To Do Foundation Crack Repair

Routinely check your home or establishment to determine if there are foundation cracks that need to be repaired. Repair small cracks immediately because it can cause huge problems eventually. Below are steps and guides to help you repair foundation cracks on your house or establishment.

  • Validate your repair skills. Fundamental foundation cracks are easy to repair but if you think that the cracks at your home or establishment are complicated, then it’s better to hire a professional home repair person. Ask for the credentials and the payment scheme of the home contractor before hiring him. Learn from him as he repairs the foundation cracks so you can do it yourself the next time around. Read home repair books and websites if you want to learn home repair tips as a hobby.
  • Check the extension of the foundation crack. If the cracks extend underground, then dig away dirt until the whole crack can be thoroughly seen. 
  • Work on the foundation crack. Clean the debris and dirt around the foundation crack. Wipe the area down and let it dry. Clear and loose the crack with a cold chisel and a hammer. Create an undercut on the crack edges through your chisel until the crack is full of hydraulic cement. Ensure that it has consistent loose putty.
  • Follow-up repair. Use fillers like liquid urethane or epoxy if the patch you have created failed or if moisture still seeps through the cracks. The mentioned fillers have expanding ability and they have efficient holding power to fill the whole foundation crack.
  • Use liquid urethane to thoroughly fill the foundation crack for watertight seal. Put some epoxy into the surface’s first inches for an efficient foundation crack repair. Urethane foam is effective because it will thoroughly engulf foundation cracks so it will prevent pressure to exert force and ruin the seal’s integrity.
  • Apply masonry waterproof sealer. Ensure that the epoxy is thoroughly dry before applying the sealer. These repairs suit non-structural type of foundation crack repair. Structural foundation cracks are often horizontal cracks while non-structural foundation cracks are often vertical. 
  • Learn more about foundation crack repairs. Understand that there are 4 natural reasons why foundation cracks occur. They are poor compaction, heightened soil moisture, maturing vegetation, and weak soils. Sometimes the soil that supports the foundation becomes too weak and gradually collapses. Once the soil subsides, the foundation of your home or establishment loses its strong structure. Learning home repair has many benefits because it can save you money and time, especially if there are immediate repairs that must be done.
    Repair foundation cracks as soon as you notice them even there aren’t serious threats like water leakage because it’s hard to seal foundation cracks if leaks start to seep. The basement flood repair is the worst-case scenario because you need to clean your entire basement if flood already came through.

Consult a professional even you decide to repair the foundation cracks yourself. Keep communication contacts of home repair professionals so you can get in touch with them easily.


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