How To Do Laundry with a Green Approach

As early as the 80s, scientists have been warning us about how our daily activities are contributing to global warming although we hardly paid any attention. But recently, more evident climactic changes are observed as a result of this phenomenon. While it is difficult to overhaul our lifestyle overnight, starting with the everyday tasks at home is the best and most effective way to contribute to nature preservation. What better way to start than attack our laundry with a green approach. Here's how.

  • Choose a Green washer. Have you noticed why more and more washers without agitators, that plastic thing protruding in the middle, are the ones being sold in the market now? This is an attempt by manufacturers to make their machine washers more cost effective and energy efficient. Without that feature, less water is required and less power is used to heat the water. These washers also have faster spin cycles and as such will only require shorter time to dry the clothes.
  • Be mindful of how long you have the washer run. Be mindful of the washer's cycle. Let the washer run for the shortest cycle possible based on how dirty your laundry is. This way, you avoid excessive use of electricity.
  • Use Green detergents. Making your own Green detergent is not as hard as some would think. The materials can be found in grocery stores and are relatively cheaper compared to prepared household detergents. To make your own washing soap, add two cups of grated bar soap to a quart of boiling water. After the soap is melted, put the mixture in a large pail. Add two cups each of borax and washing soda atop the mixture and mix well. Add two more gallons of water and you're done. You can add your choice of essential oil to the mixture once it has cooled. Every time you wash, use a quarter of a cup. 
  • Zap that stain with alternative stain remover. Stubborn stains can be removed without having to use harsh bleach that damages the environment. Baking soda, vinegar and milk are proven stain removers. The sun has natural bleaching effects too so hanging your clothes outside to dry will also help keep them white.

Caring for the environment is our common obligation as our children will take over this Earth. Greening our homes may cost a little extra in the beginning but if we will take into account the benefits, then all that extra money and effort are worth it.


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