How To Drive a Bobcat Skid Steer

A bobcat skid steer is useful in digging in a construction site where overhead clearance or the space in the construction would not allow a larger excavator; an example can be the digging under an already-existing house to construct a basement. But driving a bobcat skid steer is no joke--as a large piece of equipment, it's serious business. Some people need a good practice before they can drive the skid with ease.
Here is how you can start learning how to drive the bobcat skid steer:

  • Prepare yourself. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that you won’t be irritated as you work with the skid. Wear your working jeans and shirt. Do not forget to wear your helmet for safety because you never know when an accident would happen.
  • Get into the driver’s seat. Ride the skid. Brace yourself and fasten the seatbelt. Just relax as you try to learn how to operate it.
  • Place your feet on the pedals. The pedals control the lift and lower functions and the bucket tilting function of the skid. If you want to lift or lower something, you must use the left pedal. However, if you want to use the bucket tilting function of the machine, use the right pedal.
  • Hold the hand levers of the machine. The hand levers control the forward and the backward movement of the machine. If you want to steer the machine to move to a direction, you have to move one lever. For example, if you want to turn to the right, you can pull the right lever backward or push the left lever forward. If, however, you want to turn but only in a limited space, that is, without the machine moving forward or backward, you have to push and pull both levers at the same time. For example, if you want to turn to the right without moving forward, pull the right lever backward as you push the left lever forward.
  • Lower the lock bar. Lowering the lock bar will allow the hydraulics of the machine to function. You can lower the lock bar by pulling it down to your lap.
  • Push the traction lock button. This will release the lock of the traction.
  • Look at the orange lever to your right. This is the throttle. Push this forward if you want to raise the speed of the engine. Full throttle operations make the movements of your machine really quick so you have to keep this in mind so you would not get surprised and be overwhelmed.

To engage the load, drive forward and the push in to the load then press the left pedal down as you are still attempting to move forward. When the bucket is already filled, tilt the bucket by pushing the right pedal. Drive the machine with the load to where you are supposed to put the load. Raise the load to a minimum height that only allows the load to not touch the ground.


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