How To Dry Clothes

Many people just throw their clothing into the dryer and hit the "on" button without realizing that this may not be the proper way to dry their clothing. How you dry your clothing depends on the clothing item and on the material it is made of.

Clothing items that should never go in the dryer include bras, ties and anything made of silk or wool. These items should always be hung to dry as opposed to being sent though the dryer.

To dry a bra it is best to hang it from the straps using clothes pins. If a bra is sent through the dryer it will very quickly lose its shape and will no longer fit correctly. This is especially true for bras with under wire. The motion of the dryer causes the wire to bend. Going through the dryer may also cause the bra to shrink or otherwise become misshapen.

Ties should never go through the dryer either. A tie that goes through the dryer is as good as ruined. The proper way to dry a tie is to either hang it to dry after carefully washing it or to lay it flat on a table to dry. If you do not know how to properly wash a tie, it is probably best that you take your tie to a dry cleaner to have this done for you.

Silk should never be sent through the dryer because the heat will ruin the material’s texture, feel and look. The proper way to dry silk is after carefully washing (most silk needs to be hand washed) hang the silk item from a clothes pin. For best results this should be done where the clothing has access to the sun or to a heater. For more efficient drying, a fan or heater can be placed in the room with the item.

Finally, wool should never be dried in a dryer, not even wool socks. Drying wool will cause the material to shrink significantly. Wool, however, unlike the previous materials discussed should not be hung to dry. The reason for this difference is that when hung, wool has a tendency to stretch. Therefore, the best way to dry your wool items is to lay them flat on a table. As mentioned above, access to sun, a fan or a heater will speed up the drying process. Depending on the item, you may have to turn it over to make sure that both sides dry properly.


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