How To Dry Clothes Indoors without the Dryer

In olden times, a dryer was not a common home appliance. In fact, people used the natural rays of the sun and the natural breeze to dry their laundry. However, today, people use the dryer because it can easily be purchased, installed, and will cut the time to dry your clothes significantly. The downside to this is that a dryer eats up a lot of electric current which translates to more money spent on utilities. For people that want to save energy and money, you may want to explore more ways to dry your clothes without using the dryer. It may take a little more effort than you are used to but with the savings you get out of it, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Purchase or install a clothesline or hanger. For about 10 dollars or so, you can purchase a clothesline or rack that you can install or position inside your house. These can be found in any home or hardware supply store. Some supermarkets may even carry it in the laundry cleaning section. Instead of purchasing, you can also get a long line of nylon or aluminum wire and tie it each end in an area in your house to form a simple clothesline. This is a cheaper alternative however, it can leave your house looking messy and disorganized. Either way, get something that you can use to hang your wet clothes to dry. You may use the shower rod in your bathroom to hang clothes as well.

Remove excess water. After washing your clothes, either through a washing machine or by hand, you will need to squeeze out all the excess water from each article of clothing. It is not recommended to hang your clothes to dry when it is still dripping. Either squeeze out the excess water manually or leave in the machine or hang them in the bathroom to drip out the excess water.

Hang your clothes. Once your clothes become damp instead of soaked, carefully hang it on the clothesline or hanger you purchased or installed. Put shirts and pants on hangers and hang them on the clothesline. Shorts, socks, underwear and other items can be slung on the clothesline directly. Make sure to spread them apart for optimized drying.

Optimize and speed up the drying. To make the most of drying your clothes inside the house, position your rack or clothesline near a window that you can open. Open the window to let the breeze in. This should speed up the drying process. You can further the optimization by positioning an electric fan to blow air through the clothes. Make sure that the fan is sucking air in from the window instead of inside the house to prevent unwanted dust and dirt inside your house sticking onto your clean clothes. Another way to speed up the drying is to hang your clothes near appliances that emit heat. It should be near enough to let the heat dry the clothes but not touching the appliance.

With these simple innovations, you can wake up to see dry clothes in the morning. These tricks can save you a lot of money on your electric bills and make your home more eco-friendly.


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